3 Non-Traditional Backlinks Your Site Needs to Use

Although backlinks can help increase your website’s ranking on Google, you don’t always get the opportunity to get a traditional backlink. However, the good news is that even mentions can act as backlinks and help improve your site’s ranking. Here are three non-traditional backlinks that can benefit your business. brand-mention

Mentions of Your Business

A mention backlink refers to a text mention of your brand name in an article, comment or in a social media post. There isn’t a hyperlink going back to your site and the mention often doesn’t include information about your company’s products or services. However, a mention can help your site’s optimization efforts. Google is brand oriented, if you do a simple search on Google for your favorite brands, you will get results that typically don’t make sense from a standard SEO point of view. Of course, if you just plug in a brand like “ABC News” into the search box, you will get a hodgepodge of results because you are not using keywords. Anytime your brand is mentioned is going to help raise awareness of your company and it can help raise your Google ranking.

Listings on Local Directories

One of the most common backlinks that you can get are listings on Internet directories. These directories help searchers find businesses by name or industry and provide links to their websites.  In the listing, there is a link called “Visit Website” that will act as a backlink directly to your business site. These backlinks are extremely important and they directly help your optimization efforts.

Using Citations as Backlinks

To make sure citations work well as backlinks for your business, you need to be consistent with your NAP, which is your business name, address and phone number. Citations are mentions of your business, sometimes as a link or the citation may appear as just text. However, citations count heavily for local search optimization, especially for Google Maps and local directories. As long as your business information is consistent among the citation websites, sites like Yelp, YP.com and other similar sites, then it can help improve your search engine results ranking. A good SEO practice is to ensure your NAP information is consistent across the Internet. If you handle your site’s SEO yourself, it is important to learn how to get build up backlinks for your site. It is a good way to increase the site’s ranking and easy to build.

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