8 Suggestions for Developing Quality Backlinks

It has become more difficult to find high-quality backlinks for because most webmasters are aware of all of the tactics used to get links from their sites.  However, backlinks are necessary to help drive traffic to your website, so knowing how to find them is important if you want your site to help you find new customers.  Here are some suggestions for generating good quality backlinks for your site. backlink1

  1. Create User-Generated Content

UGC, or user-generated content, is any form of content that is created by consumers or end-users and offered free to other consumers or end-users.  This content may be blogs, videos, images, forum posts or any other type of media.  By creating content for these sites, you can easily generate mentions and backlinks to your site.  Some of the user-generated sites you may wish to create content for are Slideshare, Reddit, DeviantArt, Flickr, Pinterest and YouTube.

  1. Contribute to Industry Newsletters

To find newsletters related to the type of business you’re in, do a Google search for your industries newsletters.  Then go to those newsletters and find the pages that allow contributions or comments from readers.  You can mention your website whenever you make contributions to newsletters or even when you comment on a forum. Always mention your business and add a direct link to your website in your profile information or in a comment.  If readers find what you have to say is interesting, they will likely click the link to find out more about your business.

  1. Donate to a Charity

By donating to sites that need monetary contributions to keep their businesses running, you can easily generate a good quality backlink.  You can find websites to donate to by using search strings such as “donate to us,” “contributors page,” or “sponsors page.”  You may end up with a lot of spam in your company’s email inbox asking for more contributions, but many people like to do business with companies that donate to charities.

  1. Write a Testimonial

Take the time to write a testimonial for a product or service that you love.  Inform the company you’re writing to that they can use the testimonial on their site.  Some businesses have a testimonial page or they may add it to their homepage.  Many of the companies you provide a testimonial for will add a backlink to your site to proof you’re a real person to lend more credence to your testimonial.

  1. List on Web Directories

Although some SEO experts claim that web directories are passé, they are still a great way to get high-quality backlinks.  There are many free web directories that you can list on, but there are also some directories that you need to pay a fee to in order to get your business listed on it.  However, with some of the older paid directories, you may be able to pay a nominal fee for the listing.

  1. Get Listed on Blog Aggregators

If you have a blog on your site, you need to try to get it listed on blog aggregator sites.  These sites list high-quality blogs by industry.  To get your blog listed: submit your site to them, add code to your site that confirms you’re the owner of the site and wait for your site to be reviewed. When your blog is approved, you will have your own page on the aggregator site with a “do follow” link.  Some of the blog aggregators to try to get on include Technorati, Alltop and Blogorama.

  1. Build Backlinks with Blogger Reviews

If you have an informational product, find bloggers that write about the industry that you’re in by searching for the topic on Google.  You will need to filter out news sites and authority sites to find a good list of bloggers.  Contact the list of bloggers you’ve made and ask if they would like to try your product.  If you get an affirmative answer from them, send it to the blogger and allow them to decide if it is worth mentioning in their blog.

  1. Ask for Website Feedback

Submit your website to one of the many sites designed to give feedback about your design, layout or the conversion potential of your site.  Most of these sites allow a “do follow” link to your site.  Send them your website information and tell them how you would like to improve it, even if you feel it doesn’t need improvement.  Some feedback sites to consider are ConceptFeedback.com, Critique.com and SuggestionBox.com Many of these suggestions are often overlooked by SEOs and webmasters when they are trying to generate backlinks.  You can use these sources to get high-quality backlinks, build your brand and drive the traffic you need to your site to be successful.  It just takes a few moments of your time to do most of these suggestions and little to no money.

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