Do We Really Need To Link To Other Websites?

Link To Other Websites

Linking to other websites is an old, well-established practice. As a matter of fact, you could make the case that it is so well-established, we sometimes take it for granted. At the very least, we fail to appreciate the importance of this measure.

As you learn to better understand why we need to link to other websites, applying these concepts to your own website will prove to be a great deal easier.

Do we really need to link to other websites?

The answer is an emphatic yes, and there are several reasons as to why this is the case.

Is Commercial Anchor Text Really A Bad Thing?

A recent study revealed that most web users see the primary motivation for including links involves marketing, advertising, and revenue. Furthermore, the study indicated that a majority look at links as having largely commercial interests and values.

There are in fact several different reasons for including links to other websites on your own. The list currently includes attribution, citation, definition, expansion, identification, example, action, relationship, proof, and promotion.

Best of all? You can combine the different elements of that list in a variety of ways. Organic links can indeed exist. Furthermore, they can be used to promote goods, services, and brands.

These links can supply not only context, but background information, as well. You can provide additional detail to a topic, and thereby expand the individual’s understanding. You are giving visitors the option to engage additional information, or simply relevant opportunities that can be tied back into the value of your own brand. Linking to other websites can accomplish a great deal.

There are several more aspects to this issue that are worth keeping in mind.

Why You Should Link To Others From Your Website

Users respect websites linking to one another. You will need to follow all of the practices mentioned above, but by and large, the concept is not inherently offensive to most individuals.

Why is it so important to link to other websites?

We have already covered that answer to a certain extent, but here are five things you will definitely want to keep in mind:

Trackable traffic:

If you link to a website, and they get some visits from that, the websites that deal in tracking are going to pick up on that. Linking doesn’t just grab the attention of individual users. As important as they are, websites that link to other sites successfully can generate attention from powerful influencers.

More valuable and scalable:

Ultimately, you can’t be a website that offers everything to every single user on the planet. Believe it or not, but some companies try. At best, their failures derail momentum for a little while. At worst, it can sink an otherwise good business in a sea of chaos. By using links to let others pick up the slack, in terms of educating and informing your visitors, you are freeing up your resources. You are putting your focus on things that actually matter.

Search engines:

A link exchange with a high-quality, well-respected website can present your business with a plethora of benefits. One of the most impressive would have to be the way search engines like Google pick up on your smart moves.

It sends out the invitation:

When you connect your website to sites that are notable and trustworthy, the results can prove to be inspiring. It sends out a clear message to the rest of the world that your website is one that is eager and ready to participate with the larger world.

Positive participation:

Linking out in a consistent, opportunity-driven fashion is a great way to create a community that is built on positive participation. Building strong connections to other websites is great for sending out the very clear message that your website is well worth the time, money, and energy of others. Believe it or not, but the response to such a message can prove to be far more powerful than most would ever venture to guess.

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What are your reasons for wanting to include links on your site?

Obviously, offering up a bunch of low-quality links that offer little isn’t going to do you any favors.

You need to consider carefully the links that your visitors will truly benefit from. It also can’t hurt to consider carefully the links that will allow your website to enhance its reputation to one degree or another.

Linking back provides value, when it is handled correctly. It provides additional resources and possibilities that in no way detracts from the value and resources of your own website. We’re not saying you have to link up to your direct competition. However, there is something significant to be said for seeking out and cultivating a select number of links. You don’t want to overwhelm people. You simply want to enhance the moment.

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