Quintessential Elements of a High Converting Landing Page

There are websites that have transformed startup entrepreneurs into millionaires and a few billionaires. There are websites that have not just failed to earn any money but have actually drained all the savings of their founders. What goes wrong with such websites?

Dozens of things go wrong and one of these elements is the landing page. If a website has a high converting landing page, then it would inevitably generate more leads or close more sales and the company will grow. If the landing page is ineffective, then the website will gradually or perhaps quickly fade into oblivion and irrelevance.

Landing Page Elements

There is no thumb rule that you can use to create a high converting landing page. The product or service you are offering, the niche, the target audience and many other factors will influence your chances of success or failure. However, having observed thousands of successful and failed websites, one can safely infer that a few quintessential elements are integral to a high converting landing page.

Come up with an amazing design. It doesn’t have to be out of the world but it should not be run of the mill. It doesn’t need fancy features that no one has seen before. The design needs to be relevant to the product or service and more importantly convenient for the visitors to browse. The layout should be easy, there should be some interactive features and the audience should be impressed with the overall visual appeal.

The design and its impact will only last for a few seconds, if not moments. Then the content has to do the trick. You should have an amazing headline. It should be apt, relevant, compelling and convincing. Unless you can draw in your audience with the headline, your chances of taking your audience further into the website diminishes by more than half. The headline must be followed up with an impressive subheading and the immediate content.

You cannot have a killer headline and then bland content. Before the headline and the subheading lose the charm and the impact, you should hook your audience with some pictures and bullet points highlighting the unique selling points or key benefits of what you are offering. The primary purpose of a landing page is to offer a sneak peek of what the customer would be getting or how your company can benefit the customer. Short key benefits presented in list form or as bullet points along with illustrative, relevant and original pictures would be sufficient.

The key points must be illustrated further with explanations. You cannot keep your audience looking or longing for information. Snippets of information are good to get someone hooked to the page but unless you provide more jus, the audience will wander and head off to another website. When you expand on the key points, make sure you come up with compelling content. The writing should be reflective of expertise or authority of your business in the niche. It cannot come across as speculative, mellow or unsure.

There has to be a logical flow of the entire landing page. You cannot come up with the content scattered at various parts of the page. You cannot put forth social media icons or call to action at random places. You cannot have a random popup that breaks the flow or serves no effective purpose. You need the audience to flow with the information and the navigation of the landing page. One must seamlessly and effortlessly get to the closing phase where one would be converted.

Call to action should only come into play when the audience has gone through enough information or convincing pitches. A convincing pitch cannot be created without focusing on the pain and pleasure of the whole deal. Everyone makes a purchase because of a need. That need could be basic or quintessential, it could be a luxury or completely discretionary, subjective or entirely objective.

The need will be the pain and the solution would be the product or service. What you offer should be the pleasure. Whether you focus on the troubles that a product/service resolves or you want to work on fear of loss, you should balance this pain and pleasure to convince someone to sign up or to make the purchase.

Call to action is futile unless it is a simple, self explained process which takes no longer than a minute or two. Also, call to action cannot exist if you are not willing to furnish all significant details of your company. From offering chats and online support to phone numbers and addresses, provide every piece of verifiable information before you ask someone to make a purchase or sign up. When you don’t leave any room for speculation, anxiety or uncertainty on a landing page, you would be able to go the distance and conversion will pick up.

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