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You can have absolutely brilliant YouTube content. Unfortunately, having fantastic content on your YouTube channel does not automatically ensure a high ranking. In the battle for YouTube supremacy, regardless of the specifics of your video, ranking is determined by so much more than quality.

Yes, quality is obviously important with your videos. If you don’t have extraordinary videos, people will not come back. Nonetheless, there are several things you can do, in order to ensure your videos are seen by the largest audience possible.

How To Rank Higher With Your YouTube Videos

If you find that your YouTube videos are not reaching the audience they deserve to find, there are several things you can do to turn your fortunes around:

Understand how the ranking system works

Over eight hundred million people visit YouTube every month. A great way to take advantage of that is to understand how YouTube ranks videos. While there is no definitive, concrete system, a number of factors do play a role in how videos are ranked.

  • Flagging,
  • views/frequency,
  • likes/dislikes,
  • shares,
  • subscribers,
  • annotation linking,
  • and favorites

are all things you can pay attention to, as you work to optimize the potential of your YouTube videos.

Develop content around the things people are searching for

Keyword Tool and YouTube Trends are two ways in which you can figure out the keywords and phrases associated with your content. Gain valuable insight into what people are looking for, and then build your content around that knowledge.

Keep people hooked

How long people watch a YouTube video is one factor that keenly determines ranking. Keep this thought in mind, as you work to develop engaging content. Get right to the point. Search for ways to keep people hooked from start to finish.

People watch a YouTube video

Understand meta data

The meta data for your video tells YouTube exactly what your video is about. To that end, you’re going to want to be extremely precise and straightforward.

Compel people to watch more

Another good way to dominate the YouTube landscape is to encourage people to binge on your channel. There are several ways in which you can accomplish this. Clickable thumbnails is a great example of how to get people to watch several of your YouTube videos in a row.

Consistency is invaluable

Stick to your niche. Furthermore, try to establish and maintain consistency with the overall style of your videos.

Don’t forget about playlists

Create playlists that people can subscribe to, if they want to stick around.

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