Fresh Content – A Major Search Engine Ranking Factor

Fresh Content

There are many debates over how to get your website ranked well in Google. Over the last half a decade or so, Google and other search engines have made some major changes to their search results. There has been a move away from keyword stuffing to game the system and more focus on relevant, useful, and informative websites.

Fresh content has become one of the best ways to rank well in the search engines. Here’s a look at why that is and what you can do about your content to rank better.

More Content Means Your Website Is Crawled More Frequently

While new content doesn’t mean you will necessarily end up ranking higher, it does open the opportunity for that. By putting new content on your site, you’re asking search engines to look at your website again. You ask the robots to crawl the fresh pages and determine where you should rank.

Sure, the search engines could decide to rank you on page 10. However, some of your content can get you onto page 1. It will all depend on your competitors, the relevancy of your content, and other factors.

You stand a better chance of ranking higher than your competitors who rely on old content.

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate with Better Content

Your bounce rate will affect your ranking in the search engines. Older content that is stale and irrelevant is more likely to have a higher bounce rate. Newer content is more likely to give readers the answers they need, and they are more likely to check out other content to see how else you can help.

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who click the back button after coming to your site. They decide not to look at other pages, even if they did find your content somewhat useful. You can reduce your bounce rate by adding internal links or encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter or email list, taking them to another page on your site.

While frequent updates can help to lower bounce rate, you will need to make sure the new content is good. Google wants quality not quantity.

Certain Keywords Need Fresh Content

There are certain keywords and phrases that require fresh content – sometimes on a daily basis. If you continue to push out the fresh quality content, you tell Google that you are relevant and up to date.

Some of the keywords can include sporting fixtures and scores, TV show coverage, and local news events. These are phrases that will usually have searchers looking for the most recent news. A piece from last year isn’t going to be relevant to today’s situation!

If you have a blog or website that focuses on current affairs, you will need to set up a plan to produce fresh content. This will keep you in Google’s eyes.

Update Enough of Your Old Content

You don’t just need to create new content to help boost your ranking. It is possible to update old content. With enough new content – even just changed content – you tell the search engines that you have something new and relevant to look at.

The search engines will tend to ignore a change to just one or two lines. If you change a whole paragraph or whole section, you stand a better chance of being looked at again. You could even add new keyword phrases to help improve your ranking again.

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Your Audience Is More Likely to Share

New content is more likely to be shared on social media. It can be pushed through email alerts or appear on homepages of regularly viewed sites. Individuals who read the fresh content are more likely to share it with their friends.

This type of content is relevant to the current affairs. It can answer a modern question or solve a current problem. Individuals love this type of up to date information.

And sharing on social media has an effect on your ranking. When content is shared on social media, search engines get the memo that you have authoritative content; that your content is highly recommended by the people. This encourages the search engines to take another look at your ranking and place you higher up.

Like with previous efforts, this doesn’t guarantee a higher rank. It just helps to increase the chances of a higher rank.

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You Boost the Linked Pages in the Content

You don’t always need to update your older pages. There are times that they don’t need new content, but you need to boost their freshness score to help retain ranking. This is possible through linking from new pages.

When you have old content linked from new content, the search engines get the memo that the old content is still relevant. At the same time, you’re boosting your website through the new content that is doing the linking.

This can also send new eyes to old pages. The new visitors you gain to the fresh pages will see the links and visit them, believing them to be fresh and useful without considering the date on the page.

It’s time to create fresh content. This is a way to boost your ranking for all pages on your website. While it’s not guaranteed, you certainly increase the chances of search engines to crawl on your site and rank you higher than your stale competitors.

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