Generating Traffic to Your Webpage in New Ways

If you are looking to get your business off the ground, then you should consider online marketing and web sales. But keeping both of these marketing streams going can mean lots of work. Generating traffic to your page is important. You might just be able to get web traffic from places you would not suspect. Here, we will tell you how this tactic can work in your favor. We will also tell you different places to find web traffic. Lastly, we will tell you how to use each of our tips to get that extra traffic boost. Generating Traffic

Why Try Something New?

If you are not looking for new sources of traffic, your competition probably is. Before they can snatch up people with similar interests, you must do so. Taking advantage of pages where others might not try to pull web traffic can give you a real advantage. And you can use any advantage that you can get when it comes to online marketing! More traffic means more potential customers. More potential customers means more sales. More sales means, as you might expect, more profits. Over time, it can also lead to brand recognition and more.

Questions & Answers Pages

There are lots of popular question and answer pages online. One of the most well-known is Quora. In a given month, this sight has between 1.5 and 3 million visitors. When you answer questions, your ranking in the community goes up. Try answering questions relating to your product or business. These answers and questions are never closed, so anyone can answer them at any time. Also be sure to interact with other users on the webpage. Follow them, and also cast votes for them in the ranking pool. This will help you to earn credits on the page. Then, use the Quora site to post your own blog posts. Use the credits you earn on this page from answering questions to help more people see your blog posts by promoting your posts.


For a long time, people have thought LinkedIn was just to network professionally. But you can also blog on this site. Just use the “Create a Post,” link. When you post thing on LinkedIn, everyone you are connected with will see it. They may also interact with you more because of your posts. Easiest of all, you can just recycle old content from other blogs. You can even use the articles or content that you have on your webpage! LinkedIn can actually help you to reach millions each month. All you have to do is start posting.

Content Aggregators

Content aggregators gather all related web content in one place for users. Then, users can browse the content for new information on topics that they are interested in. When you submit to these sites and people click your links, they are already interested in the topics you are covering. Links you submit can come from your blog, webpage, or articles you have written. For some sites you may have to sign-up first. Others allow you to post freely. Then, users just vote for posts they like. Try websites like Bing! News, Yahoo! News, Google News, Popurls, Newsvine, Huffington Post, or even Lockerdome. All of these sites work as content aggregators. All of these are free and can get interested users to your webpages.

Getting the Most from Your Blog

Blogging is simple. Lots of businesses already do it. But how often do you comment on your own blog posts or other blog posts? Or do you interact with those who comment on your content? If not, you are losing out. Look for blogs related to your business. Or try specialist webpages devoted to audiences who might be interested in the things you are selling. Try to post one of the top five comments in these blog posts. If you write something, comment back to those who are commenting on your post. Just write something relevant and coherent. Place website links to your site in the text of your comments.

Reddit, Anyone?

Reddit is a huge social webpage. Though some are hesitant to try it to get web traffic, you should not be. If you have something to say that other users will like, post it here. Just choose a community that is related to your main topic. You will find that lots of these communities are very large, already. Plus, you can most easily target those who are likely to be interested in your topic. Users can up vote the posts that they like the most. If yours is one of them, your post may just go viral. You will see a lot of traffic increase to your page if your post containing a URL becomes one of the top posts.

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