How To Use Google Trends Effectively

Google Trends ( is a free service offered by the search engine giant. It primarily deals in the analytics pertaining to searches. When people around the world use Google and search for something, they use certain words or a phrase or a sentence. These form the keywords. These keywords determine what is being searched for, when, where, how often and by how many people. Knowing these stats can help a company to determine what keywords they should be using for search engine optimization. Obviously a company cannot use any random word or keyword and it would be futile if no one ever uses that keyword to search for relevant information. Hence, companies need to use Google Trends for effective search engine optimization. Google Trends Most analytical services that Google offers are quite diverse and expansive. Google Trends is no different. You may be a tad perplexed while using this tool. Hence, here are a few ways you can use Google Trends effectively.

  • Make a note of the keywords, relevant to your business, that are trending over a long period of time. Such keywords may not have very large volumes or great fluctuations from time to time. But these are the keywords that have stood the test of time. It is necessary to know these keywords as they must be accounted for in some content on your website that would also be up there. Such contents must never be removed from the website.
  • Make a note of the keywords that are used the most. These are the ones that would get you traffic. But sadly, there will be fierce competition over these keywords so chances are high that targeting these keywords will not get you anywhere. You may still not get much traffic. However, if you can use these keywords in more contents than your competitors then you can come up with diverse topics. Diversity brings in uniqueness and that’s what would get you some traction.
  • Make a note of the least important keywords. You may be tempted to ignore these keywords which are not used much but don’t discard them. Use these keywords in some content so you can target those who would initiate such searches. Remember, keywords that are not in demand have very little competition. So ranking higher for those keywords is easier.
  • Finally, have a strategy to capitalize on hot trends. Google Trends has a section where the hottest keywords are showcased. You can keep a track of these, as they are updated every hour, and optimize some content to target these keywords. It will get you some traction.

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