How to Write a Press Release

Press Release

You’ve heard that press releases are good for business. It’s possible to get the word out about new branding, a new product, or even a new side to your business. However, the way to create and write a press release has changed considerably over the last few years.

The way that you did it in the past definitely does not work for today. No longer do people read the paper every single morning. They get their news from the TV or online.

A press release is also known as a media release or a press statement. It is a statement created officially for the announcement of something. The aim is to provide just enough information to share what this “something” is and get people interested, without giving away absolutely everything. It’s a valuable piece of marketing content, especially since it lives in the public domain forever.

Let’s look at the tips to write a well-crafted press release that is going to get you noticed and build your customer base.

Think Like a Reporter

One important thing to remember is that this is a news piece. You need to think like a reporter, creating a real article that is ready for any news outlet and PR source. While it’s a sales tool, you need to remember that this shows off your business and your new product.

There’s no point adding in fluff. All the information needs to be essential to the reader, providing valuable background about you and your product. Sell the business and the product to the readers the way a reporter sells a story.

Stories that are concise and to the point are perfect for press releases. People jump right into the nitty gritty and walk away feeling like they’ve learned something and need your new product.

If you’re thinking about embellishing something or adding a little more unnecessary details for your readers, think again. Your press release should be two pages maximum (one page is better), not a novella.

Think Like a Reporter

Make Sure the Story Is Newsworthy

People aren’t bothered about your current sales or the old products you have available. The press release is all about something new and major. You may be opening a new side to the business or launching a new product. These types of stories are newsworthy and interesting.

Before you start writing your press release, ask yourself if you would be interested if you were the reader. Is there a reason for the customer to know about something ahead of time? You can even ask those close to you to see what they think.

If you get a resounding no, it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

Create a Compelling Title

The writing isn’t all about the main content. You need to think about the headline. While it needs to be short, it also needs to be compelling. The whole point of the headline is to draw people in; make them think that they desperately need to read the piece to find out more.

This is the case with all online writing. People are likely going to find your press release through a Google search or as an email subject. They’re not going to click if they don’t feel compelled to.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through action verbs. Add them into your title, keeping the rest of it clear and simple.

Would you click on a press release with that type of title? Ask those close to you if they would click on it without knowing that it was yours. If the answer is no, you need to get back to the drawing board.

Reporters get dozens of press releases every day. They want something that draws them in and makes them want to click. If you win them over, you’ll win everyone else over!

Include Numbers and Quotes

A good press release doesn’t just include basic information about a product or brand. It needs to include something tangible, figures or quotes that show the reason why this is amazing news. Make sure you pull out some numbers and quotes from those within the business to add more depth to your announcement.

Quotes from key people within the business are perfect. Look at your stakeholders or CEO for something of substance. These quotes can become “click to tweet” quotes for easy sharing to spread the word.

Figures and numbers are essential if you make any sort of claim. The figures will back up your claims and make it very clear that you are an authority. An individual is more than likely to believe the rest of your press release and be interested in your brand in the future. You become more trustworthy, which improves sales.

Don’t Forget the Contact Information!

This is often an overlooked part of press releases. The contact information is essential. The reporters you send the press release too will need to know the best ways to get in touch if they have any questions. At the same time, individuals will want to know who to talk to about the product or the brand.

It’s time to create a press release that you can be proud of writing. Follow the above tips and reporters will be jumping at the chance to include it in their publications and customers will be queuing up outside the door for the product.

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