How to Write Articles People Can’t Stop Reading

Article Writing

Content marketing is the way to gain more traffic to your site. But you want articles that will draw people in and keep them on the page. Your content needs to be exciting, informative, and useful all at the same time. Just how do you do something like that?

It’s All About the Voice

Adding your voice into your content is essential. This voice needs to be on-brand, but it also needs to be entertaining and easy to understand. Some bloggers will use fragment sentences and that’s perfectly fine. That’s how they speak, so it brings a part of who they are into their content. Others will use terms of endearment and some dialect in their content, especially if their customer base or target audience is local.

Adding a voice will add personality. It no longer feels like you’re reading a long, boring textbook chapter!

Open with Something Compelling

Your title needs to be compelling, but that’s not all. That first sentence needs to encourage people to read the next one. The first paragraph needs to draw people in and make them want to know more.

At the same time, you need to keep that first paragraph informative. Readers need to know what they’re going to learn. What takeaway point are they leaving with at the end? Does it answer their question?

Keep Things Personal

Okay, not too personal, but you want to add some sort of personal connection. Your reader needs to feel like the post was written exactly for them. So many publications still use the third person (you know the theys, theirs, etc) but you want to stick to second as much as possible. Talk to the person you’re trying to connect with.

Using the first person is good too. This opens that connection between you and your reader. They get to know a little more about who you are in your words. Feeling like there’s a real person will help pull them in further.

Opt for Active Voice

Passive voice is common. We tend to use it in our speech. But in writing it’s bland and plain. It doesn’t get people to take action. You need active voice instead. Active is also very easy to read. It rolls of the tongue.

And don’t forget about contractions! These are also easier to read. Adding “do not” or “cannot” sometimes makes sense if you really want to emphasis a point, but they’re not conversational words. Keep it as conversational as possible to attract attention.

Use White Space to Your Advantage

When you see untouched snow, what do you want to do? Even get the need to run into that white space and add footprints? White space can be uncomfortable and tempting to cover, but you don’t want to do that with your blog posts.

White space is your friend.

Keeping some white space will help to space out your paragraphs. You make content easier to skim read (which some people will do) but also keep everything easier to read as a whole. Long paragraphs are really hard to follow, especially on the computer and on mobile devices.

Separate with headlines and paragraphs. Keep paragraphs between three and five sentences in length. And keep those sentences short. Long ones will make people lose their place. Every now and then a one or two sentence paragraph can also be good. You draw attention to a specific point.

You don’t need to be an amazing writing to create articles that people can’t stop reading. It’s all about the language you use and the way you use it!

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