What is the Ideal Frequency for Posting on Social Media

How often should you post on social media to get enough traction? If you post infrequently or rarely, then you may not get the necessary traction. If you post too often, then it could be annoying for your followers. You need to figure out the ideal frequency for posting on social media. Unfortunately, there is no standard norm or thumb rule that you can use. For some companies, posting once a day would be good enough. For some companies, posting every hour would be desirable. Also, the social media site or the social network you are using will influence your frequency.

Posting on Social Media

Let us dive into the details while observing what the frequency trends are right now.

  • Most companies post once a day on Facebook. When it comes to Twitter, companies usually post once every hour through the weekdays and once every three hours or so over the weekends. LinkedIn posts are confined to one a day and no posts on weekends. Google+ usually requires two posts a day for optimum outreach.
  • The frequency cannot be treated as a standalone factor. The exact time when you are posting, what you are posting, whom you are targeting and what your eventual purpose is will influence your strategy. Let us consider informational posts and promotional posts. When you share information, you can do so anytime and if that is helpful for the audience then there is no end to how much you can post and how often. However, information is finite and you cannot keep posting everything you have randomly. Promotional posts can get annoying if you post too often. Timely posts would be more effective.
  • You have to factor in when your audience is online or active. Students usually log onto social media after their school hours. Professionals log onto social media once in the morning and then they are available through the evening. The audience you are targeting and when they are available online will determine the frequency. Many companies post five to seven times during the first few hours of a weekday. They don’t post anything through the day. They post five to eight times through the evening hours, well into the night. That gets you the exposure you want.

The particular social media site or network will determine the lifecycle of a post. Twitter posts vanish in a matter of seconds because the feeds get populated. Facebook posts have a longer lifecycle. LinkedIn posts are there and those interested will find them. Hence, the frequency will be influenced accordingly.

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