Importance of Brand Mentions in SEO

Brand Mentions

Did you know that people mentioning your brand can help boost your SEO? You want people to mention you, whether on Twitter, Facebook, or their own website. Google wants people to mention you.

The internet has changed the way we market our businesses. Mentions have become the word of mouth marketing for the internet world.

What Exactly Is a Brand Mention?

Brand mentions are as they sound: when a brand is mentioned by a customer or a member of the audience. Usually, mentions happen online when people complain or rave about a particular brand. But they can also be used in videos, articles, or other type of website content.

There are three particular types of brand mentions to look out for:

  • Social media mentions
  • Customer reviews
  • Web mentions

The first two are self-explanatory. The latter covers absolutely everything that isn’t social media or review related. They can be a blogger just glancing over the fact they bought from you recently. It could be a business blogging about you as an alternative for another brand.

Social media mentions are the easiest of all to watch out for—you’re alerted when you get a tagged mention on the majority of social media platforms—but it is possible to track all through software. You want to do so, because brand mentions are affecting your SEO.

Web mentions

You Get Social Proof and Word of Mouth

There’s the term “social proof” making its way around the internet. It can mean a couple of different things depending on the industry you’re in. What you’re really doing is getting your brand name on a high authority site.

This social proof helps to put you ahead of your competition. After all, your customers are more likely to trust you when they see your name in a big publication they follow. If it’s your competition getting the mentions in the high authority publications then you’ll find they get the trust from new customers.

Likewise, the mentions act as word of mouth advertising. Other people will see you mentioned. They’ll look up who you are and what you do. The next time they need something you offer, they’ll remember you because a friend told them or because they read your brand name in the news.

While you gain more trust, Google starts to realize you’re relevant. This can lead to a better SEO ranking.

You Get Backlinks from High Authority Sites

When you get a mention online, most companies are going to share a link to your site. They want to make sure their followers can find you.

On social media, this is usually through a hashtag or the @ symbol. People will literally tag you into their posts. You know you’ve been mentioned and readers just click the symbol and are taken directly to your own social media page. From there they can find out more about who you are and what you do.

Importance of Brand Mentions in SEO Click to Tweet

With web mentions, most people will create a link directly to your website, your social media page, or somewhere else connected to you. This could be through an affiliate link, but that’s not always the case. If someone recommends a site, they shouldn’t have a problem with a quick link to your site to help their readers find you easily.

Backlinks work highly in your favor when it comes to Google ranking, especially if you get a link from a high authority site. Google sees that you are worthy of a follow. The search engine sees that you’re recommended and useful for individuals. When the search engine sees your name again, it remembers this and pushes your links higher up in the search results.


Just an Implied Link Will Do

Has the blogger or social influencer not included a link to your site? Don’t worry, because the backlink isn’t the be-all-and-end-all.

A brand mention is an “implied link.” This is important if you look through the legalities of Google’s Panda algorithm update. By including your name, Google gets a memo that your brand is worthy of a follow. The next time someone searches for your brand or something connected to your brand, these “implied links” stack up in your favor.

In fact some of these types of mentions are preferred by Google. Too many people have gotten involved in unsavory link building schemes in an attempt to game Google’s algorithm updates. There are constantly changes to the algorithm to stay on top of, and some of the most recent have hit the link building strategies.

By getting unlinked brand mentions, your brand hasn’t been affected. Google views the unlinking as a good thing. Your customers can still find out more about you if they want, but you show you’re not involved in shady linking strategies.

Boost Your Sales Instantly

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of brand mentions is you get a boost in your sales. This is through the boost in shares. When someone that isn’t yourself mentions your brand, other people take notice. This is especially the case when it comes from social influencers.

The boost to your SEO will also help you gain new customers. Your site is in front of more eyeballs; people you wouldn’t usually reach. They take a look and are more likely to trust you, so they put money into your business in return for your products.

Social Share

Getting Your Brand Mentions Across the Web

Now that you know how important brand mentions are to your SEO, it’s time to get more mentions. Sure, you can pay social influencers to do this, but there is a cheaper way of managing it.

One of the best things to do is encourage your customers to leave a review. Ask them to do it on Facebook or on a third-party review site. Encourage them to tag you into a comment on social media, so you know they’ve mentioned you. This will also give you the ability to reply, especially if there is some negativity in there.

Let Us Know

You can also get a piece written about your company to be posted on high authority sites. Do this responsibly. This is another tactic shady businesses are using to spam sites and Google.

Guest blogging is one of the best options for web mentions. You can guest blog on other people’s sites or hire a blogger to write the content for you. Guest blogging opens up numerous sites, allowing you to cross-niche to reach out to more people. Most guest blogging is free (unless you outsource your writing) so you can build your audience for free.

Where Are You Getting Mentioned?

You will also want to check where you’re already being mentioned online. Don’t just rely on your social media alerts. There is software out there you can use. Google’s own Google Alert function is a good one to start with.

When you want to get into the details of mentions, you’ll want software like SEO Visor. You can track keyword usage as well as brand mentions and then compare against your competitors.

It’s time to boost your SEO and your business prospects. Brand mentions are certainly the way to go.

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