Lesson 101 on Instagram Posts to Drive Sales


Instagram is the most popular image sharing social network in the world. Along with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is a quintessential medium that businesses must use to drive sales. However, having a presence on Instagram or developing random posts will not drive sales. You need to come up with the perfect Instagram post.

Here is a brief guide that can help you to create Instagram posts that drive sales.

Since it is an image sharing website, the most important element is the picture.

You should design your image to entice your audience. It doesn’t matter what you are capturing, the image must be as good as it can be. While you should focus on resolution and color correction, it takes a lot more to capture the best image of a product. You must factor in angles, the setting including the backdrop, the lighting, tone and feel, texture and depth of field. Once you have done everything you could with photography, you can think of editing. Filters can work wonders or they may backfire. Random editing or excessive editing wouldn’t work always. You must try and keep things real. Whenever an image appears to be unreal, the audience will shy away from it. However, too real an image will not appear to be glamorous or desirable. Fine balance is the key.

Instagram posts cannot be too long. There cannot be too many images.

While you can have a link that redirects users to a webpage or landing page, the post itself should offer enough information. Try to tell a story with your image. A picture is worth a thousand words. When you have captured an image, ask yourself if there is a story. If not, then come up with a story and then come up with appropriate images. The story has to be compelling enough for the audience to respond. Millions of images are shared every hour. Only a few get enough traction. The difference lies in whether or not an image is relatable and if people connect with it.

The very nature of social media is viral. You should facilitate the same with hash tags.

Come up with clever, catchy and viral hash tags. It can offset a campaign and before you know, your posts could be everywhere, across all social media sites. You can facilitate this further if you can manage to entice influencers. Try to get a like, comment or share from influencers on Instagram to get more exposure.

Finally, have a very lucid call to action.

Without that, people will check your posts and resume whatever they were doing.

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