Is Your Website Fresh? 3 Simple Ways To Have A Fresh Website!

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The virtual world is evolving in more diverse ways than ever witnessed. SEO and website designing are getting redefined every six months.

The concept of what qualifies as good content, what constitutes a great online marketing strategy and how one should engage with the audience on social media; everything is undergoing constant transformations.

Some of these changes are anticipated and you may be ready for them. Some of the changes are rather surprising and many companies have to start over with their overall online presence.

One simple trick to stay relevant in the virtual world is to have a fresh website.

A fresh website is one that continues to remain useful, relevant and thus worthwhile.

Is your website fresh?

If not, then here are three simple ways to have a fresh website.

Never stop uploading new content.

The day your website ceases to grow, the day you stop reinventing and upgrading your website, it is going to become stale. Some of the largest brands in the world have gone wrong. Visit the website of DHL or its blog in specific European markets and you would know how far behind they are. The website covers a third of a standard 21 inch LED monitor and the rest of the screen is just blank. The font, layout and even the web design of the webpage fails to impress. This may not have anything to do with the content but the web design has to remain fresh as well. A similar example would be if your website is not mobile friendly.

Always update your existing content.

If a certain webpage has information which contains facts that have undergone a change in recent months or years, you ought to change that information. The last thing you want is to provide your audience with wrong information or outdated information. While users will begin to reject that information, it will also cost you the ranking on search engine result pages. Update all your contents that should be updated or revised. Update frequently and update the most important pages first. You can always get to know about these pages with the help of website analytics.

Don’t have any webpage that has served its purpose and is no longer important.

Over time, you may have tons of pages that will no longer be relevant. You can have the webpage on the site but don’t have it on the main site. Archive it so people can still access it and you can still benefit from the value the pages had to offer but that doesn’t have to come in the way of user experience or a fresh website.

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