Link Up With LinkedIn: Tips To Help You Find Clients on the Social Web

Plenty of people rely on social networks to, well, network. Social media is practically primed for business networking, especially if you know who to befriend. But the most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all lack something that more business-minded people need to connect.

While the aforementioned social networks do connect people, they lack a certain finesse that business-minded people need to truly network with one another.

Link Up With LinkedIn

Link Up With LinkedIn

Enter LinkedIn. LinkedIn is designed specifically to help business-minded people foster meaningful business and social connections across the web. LinkedIn’s purpose is to help connect members to established networks of people that they know and trust on a professional level.

Over 300 million users currently use LinkedIn as their means of connecting with similar people in their business networks. The social networking site allows members to create their own profiles, which they can use to foster ‘connections’ across networks and, in many cases, their local area.

LinkedIn connections are what help people foster working relationships and partnerships across the network. The site lets members connect to each other, forming ‘connections, while also showing their second-degree and third-degree connections across their networks.

That way, users can see the connections they’ve fostered during their time using LinkedIn. Coupled with plenty of features to make business networking that much easier, LinkedIn is an essential asset for any business oriented person on the web.

So, how can people ‘unlock’ the secret of effectively using LinkedIn? The so-called secret of LinkedIn, interestingly enough, has everything to do with learning how to target your potential clients and business partners. Sure, learning how to network ‘all over again’ might sound difficult, but it’s not once you understand how to go about that.

That’s why we’re going to examine how to network in this article. The following tips are our suggestions for using LinkedIn to link up with potential business clients and eventual partners.

Link Up With LinkedIn: Tips To Help You Find Clients on the Social Web

Cold calling, or calling prospective clients without prior contact, used to be fairly common back in the day. Nowadays, LinkedIn removes all the awkwardness of cold calling, allowing you to connect with new people and people you may have already connected with in the past.

LinkedIn is designed to show people their proximity with other people on the social network. People who search for certain interests will be greeted with profiles of prospects who may have something in common with them. That alone is what encourages people to interact on LinkedIn. When you combine other factors like Groups and shared content via Pulse, the social business network makes it pretty easy to connect with others.

But before you get in contact with your prospects, it’s important to prepare yourself before jumping right in.

Get engaged with the group.

If you’re going to joined LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to dive into discussion. LinkedIn Groups provide an excellent forum for like-minded business people. It’s simple to join groups in your field of interest and immediately start interacting with the people who already participate.

It’s intimidating to join in, but it often ends up being one of the best things a LinkedIn user can do to reinforce their social connections. Remember: if you feel it’s valuable, don’t be afraid to join the conversation by adding in your two cents.

Build a great profile.

One of the most important parts of building a social media presence involves building a strong profile. A strong social network profile, according to the experts, is one of the best marketing tools any business savvy individual can have.

A good LinkedIn profile should provide value, be clear and concise and list enough information for prospects to want to get in touch.

Publish content directly to LinkedIn.

Want to know a secret? Okay—publishing any kind of web content can help you foster meaningful connections with business prospects.

Nowadays, LinkedIn allows users to publish articles directly to the platform. You know what this means—it’s a really simple way to demonstrate your talents directly to prospects on LinkedIn. Plenty of LinkedIn users have published articles demonstrating their authority in their niche. Naturally, that’s led to them expanding their network over time. Why not give that a shot yourself?

Stay connected on – and off – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a gateway for business savvy individuals to meet each other. At the same time, it also provides a way for business people to stay connected online and offline.

The social business network isn’t just about forming online connections or growing the size of your network. While other social media sites do encourage that, LinkedIn encourages its business minded users to build meaningful business relationships away from the web. That type of focus is what truly separates LinkedIn from the others as a social networking platform.

All it takes is a personalized message, a show of interest and genuine communication from one person to another user on LinkedIn. It’s even as simple as engaging in a LinkedIn group or commenting on a Pulse article thread. LinkedIn provides many windows of opportunity to connect with others. It’s just up to you to take advantage of it!

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