How will Online Marketing Change over the Next Few Months

Online Marketing Trends

Online marketing has evolved phenomenally in the last five years. Not everyone has benefited from that evolution. The expected changes over the next few months are going to be equally daunting. Online marketing is complex, partly because it is very competitive. It is also volatile, partly because it is constantly changing. If there is anything you can be sure of about online marketing, then it is change.

Here are some ways online marketing has already started changing and will consolidate that in the next few months.

Video ads will become the norm.

If you check out YouTube, then you would perhaps come across an ad before every video you try to watch. But there are billions of videos that still don’t have ads. Not every new video has an ad either. However, video ads are becoming popular. You may have noticed that some ads cannot be skipped. YouTube still has the skip feature but many video producers and their advertisers are not opting for that feature. It was initially believed that compelling people to see the ads would discourage them from checking the video. People would move to other videos or just close the YouTube site.

Time has proven that people are willing to see video ads before watching videos that they really want to. You may have also noticed that video ads were strictly a few seconds on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Now, companies are taking risks and experimenting with significantly longer videos. Thirty second videos and even minute long videos are not that rare anymore. It is not just YouTube or similar websites. Video ads are popping up all over the internet, from news or media sites to company websites.

App indexing will become the next big game changer, at least in the mobile space.

Websites have been indexed for a long time now. Apps are being indexed but companies are yet to take full advantage of that. As people realize the beauty of apps and how they can do exactly what mobile websites can do but in a better way, companies will take app indexing seriously. That time is not too far in the future when app will dominate mobile search engine results and rankings. This also makes having an app quintessential. Even companies with dedicated clientele or consumer base are considering having official apps or replacing their mobile websites with apps.

Mobile has been dominating for a while.

Google and other search engines had already announced that they would not merge the desktop search engine results and mobile search results. Websites that are not optimized for mobile interfaces are being discarded from the search engine results. Although not completely left out, they are not being indexed high enough to get prominence. In the next few months, mobile search will be completely independent of desktop or traditional search engine results. Also, with data becoming more affordable and mobiles becoming smarter, the day when mobile overtakes desktop is sooner than anticipated till now.

Search engine optimization and online advertising like pay per click campaigns have serious competition from digital assistants like Siri and Cortana.

While Google and Bing are consistently working to make search results more relevant for every individual user, digital assistants are making the experience of searching more fun. It is not possible for Siri or Cortana to completely replace the search engines and the kind of traffic or traction pay per click programs generate. But companies must focus on leveraging their presence through the digital assistants. Dismissing them or not allotting significance will boomerang in all likelihood.

Virtual reality is getting closer to becoming a reality.

While it is already out there, the few devices and their limited popularity or use have certainly stunted the use of virtual reality in marketing. As more devices launch in the next few months and years, companies will have to consider virtual reality as a new paradigm. There could be new video streaming avenues or channels, there would be new advertising platforms and perhaps even social media interfaces.

A completely new avenue of online marketing has come to the fore now: wearable gadgets.

Wearable technology has been around but it was still confined to certain segments of the populace. As wearable gadgets become more common and are used by millions more, the medium has to be paid heed to. Given the fact all wearable technology is wired to a customer interface and account, that it is hooked to the internet and is a medium of communication, the gadgets are certainly a new avenue for online marketing.

If you carefully explore the various evolutionary outcomes of online marketing expected over the next few months, you would have only one conclusion. Online marketing or advertising will become costlier. Beyond these trends, there are unexpected changes as well, which can make matters more challenging.

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