Optimize Your Facebook Page Now: Tips For Making SEO Work Within Facebook

Search engine optimization helps other people find your website or web pages on the web.

So, when they search for your brand via Google or another search engine, SEO makes it possible for them to find your website, its web pages and your social media pages, such as those at Google+, Twitter and even YouTube.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook + SEO Equals… More Visibility?

A lot of people don’t put Facebook in that equation. Many people assume that it’s difficult to optimize a Facebook Page with SEO—after all, Facebook changes around its own algorithms just as much as Google does.

Those who aren’t as savvy just don’t think it’s necessary to do anything else but link back. They’re thinking, ‘if people want to find me on Facebook, they’ll just click the link leading there.’

While either sentiment is common, a lot of people now need to realize one thing: it’s possible to use SEO on your Facebook page. It’s not a new practice, either—Google has always indexed Facebook in some way.

What’s becoming new is the fact that people can use SEO to make their Facebook Page more visible to a wider variety of people on the web.

Optimize Your Facebook Page For SEO: Tips to Help You Get Started

Better Facebook SEO can help your Page get more search presence, making it easier for others to stumble upon your brand page. The following are tips to help make optimizing your Facebook page completely possible.

Share Good Quality Content

Nowadays, good quality content puts you well within the good graces of social marketing. In fact, sharing good quality content helps webmasters build credible social media signals that may help add to their visibility on the web.

While social media signals don’t exactly count toward search rankings, they do help bolster the visibility of your brand on the web. So, share, like and comment on high quality content that’s relevant to what your business already offers.

Don’t forget to provide your own high quality content, too. People will like and follow your brand on Facebook if they feel they have a reason to stick around.

Don’t Ignore Page Settings

Facebook Pages are riddled with options that all users should use right out of the box.

For example, your Facebook Page URL should always match your brand name—so, it’s pretty important to change it as soon as possible. Select an easy to spell and ultimately memorable keyword related to your brand.

Selecting the right category for your Page also helps with making it discoverable to search engines. Choose your main category, and then select up to three sub-categories for the best results.

Finish The About Section

Your Page’s About section should be complete—that’s right, fill in the entire section with information relevant to your brand. The description should express the best of what your brand has to offer, written in a way that’s both informative and descriptive to the reader.

You can add in a few keywords, but don’t overdo it. Google and other search engines now prefer natural writing over excessive keyword usage.

If you’re a physical business, always include your physical address, phone number and any other relevant contact information.

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