SEO: Brand Mentions and Backlinks

SEO greatly helps every business and its effectiveness will consider as the most important things that can also define the failure or success of every business. Many businesses are into believing that the higher the rank of a certain website in many search engines like Google, the more traffic it will get and the more visitors are also into the site.

It would be of great help once possible audience of your site exactly knows what they are looking for and how they are to look it.

The importance of SEO plays great role in making businesses official website ahead among others.

Two things that are significant with the use of SEO are the backlinks and the brand mentions or citations. For better result of aiming the purposes of SEO, you must know how important these two are in terms of Search Engine Optimization.


Before we compare the two terms, let us first define one term at a time. Let’s start with the backlinks or also known as Inbound links. Backlinks are simply the links that will take possible audience to your website. It is believed that the more backlinks your website has the more your website will be popular and important to many audiences.

Why backlinks are important to SEO?

It’s simply because search engines like Google will provide great credit to a site that has numerous numbers of important backlinks. With these, rankings of a certain website will be more assured since various searches are in the website.

In addition, the use of keyword is also very important for being on the top rank. Once your website has numerous amounts of backlinks, your website will be more relevant to the given keyword that users are searching for. But having various links are not the only thing that matters but also its quality to be provided to the audiences.

By taking an account of the content of the backlinks it would be easy for search engines to figure out whether the link’s quality is effective or not. Backlinks must really provide great relevance about your official sites for it will serve as great factors in search engines.

Brand Mentions

The next term would be brand mentions or citations. These now refers to when does a brand name is referenced to in any manner. Since there are many businesses around the world and almost many are into having the same names, brand mentions or citations are really important. With citations, preventing companies that have the same names can be observed.

Brand mentions information includes the link, address, phone number and other information related to the company name. Through these data it would be easier for audiences to look for the particular company name.

What could be the role of citations in SEO?

The advantage of brand mentioning is that it could work in several levels. Once brand mention is done through positive manner it will serve as an edge of the company among others.

Google, considered as the largest search engine, also uses brand mentions as their way of determining the popularity of a particular brand. In this case, the use of brand mentions will greatly help websites achieving higher rankings in search results of Google.

For local websites, brand mentions will really play great role. It will be the best thing to determine the popularity of the website in a particular area.

Which one is better?

Now that we have the idea about the two, we can now determine which one is better?

In terms of SEO, these two terms both plays great roles and no one can be determined as best than the other. Both are beneficial and both are given attention by the largest search engine which is Google. Though we can say that brand mentions could have the greater potential in terms of SEO uses but as time goes by and by the changes that are happening quickly it might not be beneficial at all.

So, as a conclusion, the effectiveness of these two, backlinks and brand mentions, will rely on the moves that Google is making into. Once Google starts to favour more the other one it would be the start of making the two unbalanced.

For now, Google is not into favouring either of the two, making the two both beneficial and useful in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

In the industry of business today, SEO is very much important and the two terms are too. Backlinks and brand mentions have great benefits in many sites particularly official websites of a certain business. For those who are into aiming their websites to be on the top rank, backlinks and brand mentions will be the best steps through success. This is what technology can offer to the world especially to the world of online businesses.

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