SEO for E-commerce Websites: Main Issues and Tips


Running an e-commerce website means constant adaption and development. You want to remain as a store people find in search engines, helping to increase your customer base and chance of sales. However, SEO can be a minefield. There are numerous issues e-commerce sites run into on a daily basis. Don’t let them remain an issue with these top solutions.

Running with a HTTP Page

Google has changed its expectations. The SEO thing to do now is to opt for a HTTPS domain. Sure, this is likely something you had for your payment pages, but what about the front end of your store?

HTTPS tells everyone that you’re a secure website. The first thing you can do is change your whole domain. In most cases, your domain host or web host will be able to help with this. Sites that have this will instantly get a boost in Google Page Rank, so it’s worth the hassle and it won’t cost you any extra.

Not Having Unique Content on Every Single Page

It’s tempting to put the same or similar description on your product pages. This is especially the case if you have a lot of products that are similar. For example, you may have jewelry items where the only real changes are the colors of gems or metals.

The same product descriptions aren’t just boring to read, but they’re hurting your SEO. Google hates duplicate content, and that’s what you’re falling into the trap of having when you use the same descriptions. You need to do more than just change a few words around. Create a new and fresh description for each product you have.

Not sure how to do this? Product description writers are available for hire for this exact need. Outsource the monotonous task and get compelling descriptions that make people need your products.

Not Optimizing Your Product Descriptions

While you’re at adapting your product descriptions, make sure they’re optimized for the types of keywords people are using. You don’t want to stuff keywords in, but you do want to make sure the keywords are included in parts of your descriptions.

Too many people just put in specific details about the look and style of products. Sticking with the jewelry store example, make sure you include things like “emerald jewelry” and “emerald necklace” etc. for describing items with emerald jewels. People aren’t just going to look for “jewelry” but more specific items for their needs.

Forgetting About the Meta Descriptions

Too many e-commerce stores forget about the meta descriptions. If you don’t already have an SEO tool on your site, get one installed. You want the ability to change the meta description, otherwise Google will pull the first bit of content and this isn’t going to be a very good description.

The meta description needs to be optimized for your search terms. You’ll also need to make sure it introduces the product in a compelling way. The title of your item and the meta description are the two things people see first. They’re also used by Google to determine if you’re relevant to searches.

Forgetting About the Image SEO

Having an image on your page is great, but it’s not over with that. You will still need to make sure it’s optimized just right for searches. The images will offer you another area of Google to rank in and also affect the running speed of your website.

Don’t put full-sized images of your products on the website. These images will take sites too long to open. Your potential customers are going to look somewhere else. Compress the file size and make it easier for people to load the content.

Now you need to look at the SEO of the images. Don’t forget to add your target keyword to the Alt Text of your images. It’s also worth adding something in the description to tell Google what your image is about. With the keywords, you’ll find you can rank in the Image part of Google searches, which is used a lot for shopping.

Overlooking the Category Pages

Your website will use categories for organization. If you don’t already have categories, you need to add them now. It helps to organize the site to make it easy for your customers to look through your stock. When they find one item they like, they can search for similar items easily.

Now you need to optimize your category pages for the SEO. Make sure you add descriptions to each of the pages to use your keywords. Don’t forget about images and optimizing them for Google. With the right phrases, you’ll find it much easier to get your category pages ranked.

Don’t just use any SEO terms. Make sure they’re long tail keywords that individuals are actually searching for when looking for your type of products.

Not Utilizing Videos

Your e-commerce website will benefit from videos. This isn’t just another form of media to add to your site, but opens up another way of being found. Some people will use YouTube to search for products or help with products.

You don’t just need to show off your stock in videos. Again, sticking with the jewelry example, you could create videos about cleaning jewelry at home and caring for it so it always looks good. These are the types of informative videos that people search for. When they see you help in this way, they’ll come to buy from you.

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