Social Media Trends 2017: 5 Predictions

Social Media Trends

Every year technology changes. This is especially the case with social media. Once upon a time, Twitter was the go-to social media site for business, but now there are new and improved options out there.

You want to use the best social media trends for your business. And you want to stay ahead of your competitors. The best way to do that is to look at the social media trend predictions of 2017 and take advantage of them right now. Here are the top five that you need to think about adding to your social media marketing strategy.

Live Video Is the Way to Go

Facebook Live became a new component to social media in 2016. While only a few businesses jumped on the chance to use it, there are plenty of others thinking about it for 2017. Facebook Live videos rank well and offer an easier way to get your content and information out to your customers. You also get to put a human face to the business, helping to build trust with your followers.

Individuals like watching the live videos, too. They get to feel like valued members of the business’ community. The videos are so popular that Twitter and Instagram have also launched their versions.

And it isn’t just about Facebook Live. There are plenty of platforms that work with social media, allowing you to reach out to individuals through multiple platforms at the same time.

For those who don’t want to or can’t do live videos, Facebook is talking about introducing Audio Live. This moves us onto the next point.

Podcasts Are a Must for Business

This can seem like a different element, but there is a move to social media podcasts in 2017. As mentioned, Facebook is introducing live audio as part of its expansion in 2017. Rather than being on a video, you get to just record your voice live—think of it like a radio station!

Podcasts are still relatively untouched by business owners, but they are called for. Customers love listening to them. They use up less bandwidth than videos and they can be listened to while doing other tasks, such as driving and the housework.

Since podcasting is such an unusedspace, it’s also easier for your customers to find you!


Purchasing Over Social Media Will Become Bigger

Many of the major social media platforms have introduced the ability to buy over them. This is certainly the case with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For 2017, this is the way that you want to consider selling your own products and services.

You can add a “shop now” or “book now” button, for example, to your social media platforms. People see a product that you offer and can just click the shop button to buy. There’s no need for them to find your website, search for the products, and then purchase—chances are many of them aren’t even bothered and will just continue scrolling on social media.

One of the benefits when you do this is that you can take out the “buy now” calls to action. There’s no need to just share a photo of a product. Instead, you have a full shop that your customers can browse through quickly and easily.

Move Against Fake News

2016 saw plenty of “fake news.” This is news that promotes inaccurate information or out-right lies. It was seen mostly in the U.S. Presidential race, but other areas saw problems, too. Facebook has already announced that it will remove the fake news from newsfeeds, as individuals have complained. They’re fed up of seeing the inaccurate information and feel unvalued by the news sites.

If you were thinking about following the fake news trend to get views, stop the thought process right now. This is not what your customers want. They want transparency and honesty. By providing fake news, you may get some views initially, but you won’t get the organic shares and people won’t come back.

Move Against Fake News


Using Chatbots in Messengers

Plenty of people are turning to social media messengers to connect with brands. This has meant that businesses need to be on their social media pages 24/7.

Instead of this, the likes of Facebook and Slack have introduced Chatbots. This is a type of artificial intelligence that talks to your customers without you actually being there. For some businesses, the initial chatbot is set up to welcome individuals to a page or thank them for their message. It’s a way to say that the owner is out right now but will reply as soon as possible.

In other cases, businesses are able to handle the simplest of requests and conversations without actually being there. The chatbox can take basic words and understand them enough to continue a conversation. This is very common for booking information and frequent asked questions.

There is a slight downside to the chatbots, but they have been largely appreciated by the Facebook page owners and customers. There is still the ability for the page owner to override the A.I. function and chat to the individual in person.

Make sure you stay on top of the social media trends in 2017. By doing this, you will offer the best experience to your valued customers and encourage them to buy from you. The above are just five predications based on the things that have been noticed in 2016.

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