The Key To Having A Successful Website: Why Effective Website Redesign Works

Fortunately, today’s web resources put everyone – from complete beginners to expert webmasters – in a great position from the moment they think about their website. From responsive web design, content management systems and robust user functionality, designing a website in 2015 is pretty easy. The hard part is designing a website that looks worth visiting.

Effective Website Redesign

Most first websites start off rough. The initial web design, from the home page to its individual web pages, don’t give anything for the user to enjoy. Sometimes, the content is hard to find. Other times, the overall design just isn’t good to look at for any period of time.

Just think about it: you have just less than a minute to impress a web visitor. Most web visitors barely spend any more than two minutes on a site. During those two minutes, you need to impress.

The best websites on any platform have great user navigation, look great and provide valuable content. If you’re website needs a bit of spring cleaning, why not try a complete redesign?

Why Effective Website Redesign Works

You might think that redesigning your site might not work. But, trust us, it will—it just takes time. The following statistics express why you might need to redesign your website after all.

First impressions matter – 75% of visitors have admitted to judging a company’s credibility based on the design of their website.

From the moment a prospect sees your website, you want them to be impressed by the site and its information. It affects mobile site design, too. People do judge and will stop visiting a site if their mobile version isn’t good enough!

The .05 second rule – Most web visitors take .05 seconds to form an opinion about your website.

Remember when we mentioned that most web visitors spend at least two minutes per site? It takes even less time for them to form an opinion about your site and business. Most visitors enter the site, browse and decide to leave or stay. Most naturally leave, but others do stick around. The frequency of that activity depends on your site design. If people judge book covers, they’re definitely judging the look of your site. That alone is why a great looking, responsive web redesign is important nowadays.

Research before buying – At least 85 percent of business-to-business (B2B) consumers search the web before making a buying decision.

Most online consumers research before buying. This means that they’re not only looking at your commerce site, but your competitors. Imagine your site isn’t as intuitive or as good looking as theirs? Online consumers will stick with a reputable, easy to browse and reliable eCommerce website.

Many are highly unlikely to stick with a site that doesn’t have any of those traits—let alone good website design. If you want potential customers to choose your eCommerce site over competitors, make sure they can use your site. A highly appealing, intuitive and authoritative site is the key to building traffic and conversions on today’s web. Just keep that in mind if you need a site redesign.

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