The Long and Short of Writing Articles to Improve Your Google Ranking

The saying that “content is king” still applies to the SEO efforts for your business website. Content creation is important because it helps to engage visitors on your site and allows you to pass on information about your company, as well as the products and services you offer. However, if you write articles or have a blog on your site, it isn’t necessary to write long posts in order to help your site rank well on Google.

Content is King


Keep it Short and Simple

Almost every one in business, certainly in sales, knows the acronym K.I.S.S. It stands for “keep it short and simple,” which means the less complicated you make your presentation the better. In the case of the content for your site, you can improve your site’s ranking with shorter posts that include good information and keywords.

A post of 200 to 300 words is enough to draw attention to your site and rank well if the keywords in the post are used correctly. You don’t want to stuff your articles with keywords, that practice can actually be detrimental to your ranking.  Instead, a good quality post with natural keyword usage will help improve your site’s ranking.

Write Quality Articles

While most users like to share long articles, the writing has to be of good quality. A poorly written long article is not going to be read, much less shared by users on their social media sites. However, if you are writing shorter entries of good quality, then users will not only read them, but they may share your articles as well.

Creating sharable content is a great way to get high quality backlinks to your site and backlinks are one of the key elements in ranking better on Google. Always check your spelling, word usage and make sure your posts are informational before publishing them to your site. In addition, use a descriptive image with your post and use keywords in its caption.

Be Informative in Your Articles

Whether your posts are over 1000 words or much shorter, they need to give your visitors the information they are seeking. Visitors may want general information about the products you sell or they may be looking for more specific information about the services offered by your company. As long as your articles give your visitors the information they want, your posts can help your site draw more traffic and rank better on Google.

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