The Secrets to Getting Social Media Images Shared

Social media is a platform that is growing in popularity by the day. It seems like more and more people are choosing to use social media sites as a form of marketing. When you use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, there is boundless marketing potential. You just have to know how to get your content seen and converted. Since social media sites are unique, the types of content that you can create can be visual. When you are creating images to share that you want to convert, there is much more to the process than what meets the eye. There is a science behind the types of fonts, colors and layouts that will work best. Social Media Images

Images Matter

If you have spent any time looking into making your social media marketing techniques more effective, chances are you have realized the importance of images. People that are using social media sites are looking for content that is visual. Some still want text content, but this is much more rare than you realize. Images are what get attention. However, you can’t just start creating images aimlessly and think that this will be an effective strategy. There has to be a reason why you create the images that you do for your social media sites. This means that the images that you create need to be specifically designed to be shared. This is only possible if you rely on the data.

Data Plays a Big Role

When you are looking for the types of images that get shared more then others, there are similarities that can be identified. There are key things that have been determined to make images much more shareable. The data doesn’t lie and the numbers say that certain types of images are more shareable than others. There are five identifying factors of the most shared social media images. If you want your visual content to gain attention online and get noticed, you need to become aware of these components and add them to your new images:


Color has much more importance than you even realize. The color of an image can play a major role in the amount of shares that it gets. Did you know that color play a big role in your decision to purchase a product? More than 85% of the reason behind most purchases can be classified as color related. Different colors affect different people in different ways. You need to determine the colors that appeal most to your target market. Colors have the ability to impact emotions and you need to choose colors for your social media images with this in mind. The colors that are shared more than any others are red, purple and pink. The colors that you should avoid and inhibit people from sharing include green, black, yellow and blue.


It is important to see your images as content. This will allow you to create images that are shared at a much higher rate. This means that the image your create should appeal to or elicit some type of emotion in the viewer of the content. The images that you create should have a purpose behind them. This means that they should further drive home past points or offer a new look at statistics. In some way, the image that you create should have depth that grabs hold of some emotion. Emotion is the only way to get a response. This means that if you want images to be shared, you need to make people feel that sharing this content is important.

Simple Designs

Sometimes simple designs are best and this is especially true when you are dealing with social media images. You want them to be visually appealing, but you do not want them to be to over the top. Simple designs are those that get shared most often and have font choices that are easy to recognize. You want the text to stick out and be readable. Even if you do not know how design works, you can still create great images on social media sites that get a lot of attention and shares. Easy is the way to go and will get the most response.


Words matter and the text that you choose will be a big factor in how many shares your visual content gets. This means that you need to carefully choose words and phrases that will be used to convey messages. Choosing the right words can be the difference between creating a hash tag that inspires sharing or one that fails to get your image noticed. There is a science behind image creation and you need to be familiar with it in order to have the most success when making images to be shared on social media sites.

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