Tips for Writing the Perfect Marketing Email

Marketing Email

There’s more to email marketing than just putting your content together. It needs to speak volumes to the person reading it. On top of that, the subject needs to be enticing enough for someone to even bother opening the email.

It’s time to learn the best techniques to writing the perfect marketing email. With these tips, you’ll boost your open rate, while increasing your revenue. People will actually do what you want, rather than reading and disappearing.

Think About the Email Subject

Before you even start with the email body, you need to think about the subject line. This is the first thing that someone is going to see, apart from the sender of the email.

Unless you are someone that the person religiously followers, your email may not even be opened. They end up deleted, until the recipient is felt compelled to open and read something you send. That means you need to create the best subject line ever.

This can’t just be “open me…” or “see what I have inside…” You need to tell people what they will get and why they need to read this specific email. Think of it like your blog title for SEO. You can’t just use a click-bait title and then switch tactics in the email. People have trusted you with their email addresses, so respect that.

Friendly Email

Become a Friendly Face in Their Inbox

If you got an email that looked like it was just generated by a computer, what are the chances that you’ll take action? Would you just eventually stop reading the emails and decide to unsubscribe in the future?

This is how your audience will think. If you don’t become a friendly face in their inbox, they are not going to bother reading what you have to say. They don’t look forward to the content and just don’t care about anything that you have to offer, even if it could help their problem!

It’s time to put a friendly element into your emails. Introduce yourself and talk to them using their first name—you should pick this up when you ask for their emails. Acknowledge that they have feelings and share personal elements about yourself.

Some email marketers will share mistakes that they’ve made in the past, while others connect by sharing stories about their family. The audience has a chance to see that there is a human behind the computer screen.

Watch Out for Creepy Feelings

While you need to use their name, you also want to avoid being too familiar. It’s important to step away from the creepy, stalking feeling to your emails. That means watch out for over-repeating someone’s name. The start, middle, and end is usually enough depending on the length of your emails.

You’ll also need to watch out for slimy sales tactics. While you want to get people to click links and buy your products, you want to make them feel like they need to. Those 1970s sales tactics where you oversell something are long go and definitely don’t belong in emails. People will see through you.

Be honest and open, while spending the time getting to know your audience.

Not All Emails Need to Be About Selling

You can send an email out to your list without selling something. You may have a new blog post that you want to share or encourage them to join your Facebook group. These two elements won’t instantly get you sales but they do go a long way to becoming trustworthy.

Think about what you want your readers to do at the end of the email. Consider how you can mix and match the outcomes. Add a sales email on a Monday and then for the next three days focus on getting to know them better.

Trustworthy Email

Remember to Include a Call to Action

Your recipients won’t do what you want if you don’t tell them. Without specific instructions they don’t exactly know what you want to gain from the emails. This is where your call to action comes into play.

Only give them one call to action per email list. If that is to reply to you with their worst nightmare or most burning questions, that’s fine. Remember that this will give you content for future emails and help to tailor content to encourage them to buy at a later date.

More than one call to action is confusing. Which one do they do first? If they do one, can they do the other? Is it all or nothing?

And without the call to action in each email, the recipients are likely to close the email after reading and not do anything. That doesn’t help your business, does it?

Write for YOUR Audience

There are a lot of tips on optimal subject field length and perfect email body length. You’ll hear about all the information you should include and the best ways to get your content opened.

While you shouldn’t completely ignore them, do take some of the information with a pinch of salt. If you find something is working perfectly for your audience, there’s no point changing it. You know your own audience and you should do whatever works for them. If you find that it stops working, you can look at the other guides and tips.

It’s time to improve your email open rate and get your recipients to do what you want. With the above tips you’ll sail through business.

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