Tips To Help You Get More E-Commerce Sales This Holiday

According to last year’s data, e-commerce sales in during holiday shopping season 2013 hit a high—over $46.5 billion. That number, according to analysts, is expected to rise throughout this holiday shopping season. So, what are you planning to do in order to boost your e-commerce business’ revenue this holiday? Let’s read some tips to help you get started. Create viral infographics

Create viral infographics

Infographics play a large role in marketing nowadays. The bright and easy to read layout of most infographics play a large role in delivering an effective marketing message. Infographics are also great on social media. In fact, they often fast become highly shared images on social networks—and, with good reason. They’re fast reads and often communicate a marketing hook better than a simple advertisement would. It’s pretty easy to create an infographic around a specific product, holiday sale or an ongoing holiday special. Try experimenting this season. The best part is that you can advertise the infographic on your e-shop, website and even your social media accounts.

Use Facebook to its fullest

Some people are a little wary of Facebook ads, but they’re really a great way to direct more traffic toward your e-shop. People, according to Facebook, now access their website 4.2 times more often than search engines before and during the holiday shopping season. Due to that, it’s important to make sure you increase your Facebook presence during the holiday season. If you’re already active, target your Facebook ads toward those who already post on your business page; also, target those who like your page by offering them incentives for participating, like special discounts and coupons. Don’t forget about Facebook Ad campaigns and their intricate advertisement targeting options, too.

Get on Instagram, too

Remember the tip about infographics? Well, you’re going to want to get that infographic on Instagram. Lots of people hang out on Instagram nowadays—it’s simply booming as the home of the ‘selfie.’ How can you do that? That’s simple! Create your own campaign using a branded hashtag and advertise your products across Instagram. Use your infographic or other relevant product photos and advertise to your heart’s content. Try cross advertising with relevant related products using appropriate hashtags. Go on and try it—it’ll probably work well.

Take note of cart abandonment

More holiday site traffic means more abandoned shopping carts. And, according to statistics, shopping cart abandonment is more common than you think. As much as 68 percent of online shoppers end up abandoning their shopping cards without making a purchase. The best way to convert more sales and lower cart abandonment is using what’s known as exit-intent technology. This special type of advertising tech is made to help e-commerce retailers attract and convert shoppers who may be deciding to make a purchase. Much of this tech allows e-commerce retailers to make special offers or special discounts to help encourage prospects to complete their purchase. You can even offer prospective buyers the opportunity to sign up for future offers via your e-shop’s newsletter.

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