Top Reasons People Aren’t Linking to Your Site

If you want your website to be visible online and relevant to popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, link building is essential. Links from other sites are a great way to help you climb Google results pages. Even though backlinks to your site are so incredibly important, this doesn’t mean that other sites are always in a rush to link to your site. Linking To Your Site Below are some of the top reasons why people might not be lining up to link to your site:

Your Site Repetitive

If your site is suffering from the common problem of repetition other people might not be looking to backlink to your site. A site that is repetitive is a common problem that many websites suffer from. Being bogged down with more than 15 pages of content that mostly say the same thing is not what people are looking to link to. You want your site to be whittled down to just include essential content. If your site is clear, concise and contains valuable content it will be more likely to accumulate links.

Your Site a Blast From the Past

Another reason that people may not be linking to your site could be connected to the overall design. If your website looks like it was created in the early 2000’s it is probably not getting a lot of attention. You want your site to have a design that is modern and looks visually appealing to gain page views.

Your Pages Take Forever to Load

The speed of your site is also a factor that can play a part in how many links you get. People are looking for instant gratification in just about everything that they do and this is especially true online. You need a site that has a high ranking signal for Google and loads quickly. A speedier site will generally add up to more links.

Your Content isn’t Relevant

The biggest key to remember when looking to get links for your site is to concentrate on content creation. If you have useful, original and meaningful content on your site people will look to backlink. Content is essential to your site and you need to make a major effort to have relevant and useful content on your site that is updated often. If you fix some of these big problems with your site, you should encourage people to link.

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