Top Tricks to Get More Clicks

Having an effective call-to-action is the most important component of any website. This means that if you want to get more clicks and entice online users to do what you want them to, it is essential that you create a call-to-action that actually helps to influence the desired result. You should think of a call-to-action as a nudge in the right direction. You might think that creating an effective call-to-action is all about luck, but there is a science behind it. Get More Clicks Here are some simple things to remember when creating a call-to action designed to get more clicks:


One of the best ways to get your call-to-action noticed is to include the word “try.” This implies that customers have the ability to see what works for them. They are more likely to click and purchase a product of they feel that there is little risk involved. Allowing for a trial period helps to remove the risk and will make anything seem more appealing. Offering a free trial period is something that you need to include within your call-to-action. You will be amazed at what a difference can be made in the amount of clicks that you obtain as a result.

Start Now

Your call-t-action button most likely has limited space, so you need to choose words and phrases that are most impact. This means that adding “get started now” is a phrase that needs to be included within your call-to-action or CTA. This will inform the online user that can get started right away and signup or download using just that button. It makes things much more straightforward for the reader and clears up any confusion. This can be the push they need to see how easy it can be.

Learn More

Sometimes when you are trying to create a call-to-action that will really work, it is best to stick with the classics. This means that you should go with the “learn more” approach. Sometimes it is actually offering more information that online users are looking for most. Information is what a lot of users are in search for and this is the CTA that speaks toward this need directly. If you are taking an approach to a sale that requires more than one step, this is eth formula for CTA creation that could work best for you. Information is what most users are after.

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