Use Content Organization to Generate Quality Backlinks and Higher Rankings

Building backlinks is essential in order to make your website successful.  Quality backlinks help to improve your site’s ranking on Google, which makes it easier for potential customers to find.

Backlinks also lend authority to your brand and helps create connections with others in the same industry.

Creating high quality backlinks isn’t always easy to do, but one way to create them is through content organization. content-organization

What is Content Organization?

Content organization involves gathering content for your website organizing it to make it easy to find for your site visitors and so it addresses their needs.  When gathering and organizing the content for your site, it is important to identify what has been successful in drawing visitors to your site in the past, improving the content and structuring it so it is more valuable to your site’s visitors.

Prioritizing Content

By organizing your site’s content by priority, you are identifying the content that you want your site visitors to find and what you think is important to them.  Prioritizing content can be difficult to do if you don’t understand your clients’ needs.  Discovering what is important to your clients and making content easy for them to find is imperative to your company’s online success.

Who are Your Customers?

In order to develop a relevant content strategy, you need to organize your content by what your customers need or want.  The best way to do this is by getting to know your target audience.  If you can accurately identify whom your products and/or services are targeting, then it will be easier to organize the content on your site.

What do Your Customers Want?

You can better organize your site’s content if you know what your visitors want to find and what values your site offers to them.  If your site is mostly informational, you can place informational resources or guides where they can be easily found on your site.

When you organize content in this manner, you need to identify what your audience wants from your site and categorize it by the level of your audience.  For instance, if you have a site that teaches people to cook, you may wish to categorize information for beginners and experienced cooks separately. To make this content easy for searchers to find, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords each content category on your website.

With the keyword planner, you can see how well keywords rank and either use them or get ones that will help your site rank better.  However, don’t overlook low ranking keywords as they can help target a specific segment of your audience better than some high-ranking keywords.

Categorize Content for Rank

By separating your site’s content into categories, it can help your site rank higher on Google.  Not only will it help bring more visibility to your site, but it could also help to generate more natural backlinks from other sites wanting references and information resources.  Categorizing content can also keep visitors on your site longer because they will want to explore your site for information.  Categories can also help decrease your site’s bounce rate as well.

Benefit from a FAQ Page

You can also organize some of your content into a FAQ page.  The FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions page, is a list of questions that your visitors will most likely want to know about your company, its products or services or questions about topics within your business industry.

By providing answers to these questions, you are not only providing your web visitors with more relevant information, but it can help make your company look more authoritative within the industry.  This not only helps build trust in your company, but it can generate more backlinks from other websites wanting to cite experts in your business’ industry.

The first step to creating a good FAQ page is identifying the purpose of creating it.

Do you want to give visitors more information on your business and its industry?

If so, you could use sites like Quora to find out the questions people are asking about your industry and using them on your FAQ page.  Just be sure to use questions that your team can answer, but do so by providing clear, concise answers.

Why Organization is Important

By organizing the content on your site, the value of each piece of content can be maximized and your web visitors will be able to find it quickly.  Content that is hard to find will quickly frustrate your web visitors, cutting their visits to your site shorter and dropping your site on search rankings.

A site with well organized content, such as organizing it into categorizes, will make a website more user-friendly. 

A site that is easy to use will help rank higher and naturally create more backlinks for your site.

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