Video-Friendly Features for Facebook Business Pages

Facebook’s changing things up again. But, before you groan just like everyone else, know that these changes won’t majorly affect regular users. This time around, Facebook is planning to add new features to their already robust Business Pages. Video-friendly features, at that. Facebook Video For Business Pages The social media giant tested a few new features that were said to have ‘helped enhanced user experience for business pages.’ The experimentation, this time, revolved around testing features that would eventually make business pages more video friendly.

The Momentum of Facebook Video Content

It’s no secret that video content is big. Everyone watches videos on YouTube. People also share videos via Vine, Twitter and other social media sites. In fact, today’s social media user is highly likely to have watched at least one video during their daily online session. The frequency of that data is expected to increase throughout the rest of the decade. Of course, Facebook wants to keep up the momentum. Earlier in the month, Facebook revealed that more users have been directly uploading video content to their network. The activity has even surpassed the amount of users who opted to share YouTube links instead! So, naturally, Facebook wants to veer users in the direction of turning their business pages into their own ‘Facebook Channel.’

YouTube on Facebook?

People already share imbedded YouTube content on Facebook. But, the most recent changes to business pages suggests that the social media giant may want people to directly upload content to their site. The newly minted design change depicts business pages with a look similar to YouTube Channels. It will also allow users to select a featured video for their channel and create video playlists. Sounds a lot like YouTube, right? You’ll even be able to display your featured video much like featured posts via your business page. That sounds like a great way for businesses to take advantage of sharing important video content with their Facebook fans.

Pages Roll Out This Year

Facebook’s new features are expected to be rolled out to all Pages through the month of January. All videos, as soon as the changes go live, will adopt the familiar YouTube video display format: titles, view counts, like counts and duration. We’re not entirely sure whether the new features will encourage people to upload and share more content via Facebook only. But, Facebook’s actions to make their Pages more video-friendly will definitely be beneficial for those who actively use them.

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