Ways to Beat Out the Competition for Google Rankings

While reaching the number one spot on Google search results pages is tough, it is still the goal of every SEO guru. The better ranking your business website has, the more traffic it will draw. If you are handling the SEO for your company’s website yourself, there are some simple things you can do to help improve your Google ranking. Google Rankings

Who is Your Competition?

It is important to find out whom you are competing against for that top spot on Google’s results pages within your industry. You can find out by searching keywords that are relevant to your business industry and examining the results to find your main competitors. If you run a local business, you will want to be sure to use your locale in the keyword search, such as “residential plumbers Wichita, KS.”

Keep Tabs on the Competition

By checking out your competitors’ websites, you can find out what type of content they are using to entice more traffic to their site and by using online tools, you can also find out about their backlinks, how many pages they have indexed on Google and keep track of their activities on social media sites by following them. This type of espionage is perfectly ethical and important in judging how your site is doing against your competition. If your competitors’ pages are outranking you on Google, you might be able to pick up some tips from examining their actions and noting what they are doing differently.

Build Relationships with the Competition

While this may seem counterproductive, you can help create backlinks for your site by contributing on a competitor’s site that is out-performing yours in Google ranking. Offer to write a guest post, contribute to their blog or comment on an article on their site and include a link to your site when you do. Even a simple mention of your brand will help create a backlink to your site.

Create Visual Content for Your Site

By creating interesting visual contact, you will capture the attention of visitors to your site. When looking for information from a site, people want to find it quickly and easily. Visual content like infographics or videos can help draw and keep the attention of more web visitors than just using text elements, such as articles or blog posts, on your page. By using these suggestions, you can build quality links to your site and outrank your competitors on Google.

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