Does Your Website Pass the “Mobile-Friendly” Test?

If you want to make sure that your site does not miss out on any online users, it is very important that you make sure your website is designed to be “mobile-friendly.”

The only way for your site to be listed on the results pages for mobile users is if your site has been deemed “mobile-friendly” be Google. Even if your site has been specifically designed to be “mobile-friendly” that does not mean it will automatically pass the test that Google performs.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Here is some more information on the topic of “mobile-friendly” sites and what you should do to test your own site:

Is It Possible to Test Your Site?

There has recently been a really helpful tool released by Google that allows site owners to test the “mobile-friendliness” of their site.

At the link

you can access a tool known as the mobile friendly test. This test is specifically designed to give you access to a detailed report on the overall “mobile-friendliness” of your site. This will enable you to see what Google sees when your page is viewed. If there are any problems with the design of your site you will get all details. This eliminates all the questions about the “mobile-friendliness” of your site. You will know one way or another is your site can be accessed by mobile devices with ease.

What if Your Site Fails?

If your site fails the mobile friendly test you still have options. All you have to do is correct the design of your site to make it more “mobile-friendly.” This is not a huge deal or a big undertaking. This does not mean that you have to scrap your current site entirely and design a mobile site, but simply make changes that allow your site to be much more responsive in design. This is done very simply if you have a WordPress site. With WordPress, you can use a large number of different themes that are supported under responsive site design.

Is the Solution Always Easy?

If your site fails the mobile friendly test that means Google does not have the ability to get to the mobile version of your site. In most cases, this is an easy fix, but there can be some design problems that are a bit more complex. If your site does happen to fail the mobile friendly test, be sure to make your changes quickly.

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