What are the changes expected in the social media this year?

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The beginning of a New Year is the best time to review your online marketing strategies to determine if your previous strategies yielded satisfactory results or if you need to improve them to get better results in the New Year. You cannot keep getting the same results every time; you have to raise the bar.

We expect many changes in the online marketing processes, especially regarding the social media. The platforms will be announcing reviews updates, new features, so it is best to study these changing trends to identify the processes that will most likely suit your plans for the New Year.

It is the new features we are most interested in, as it seems, the social media platforms are falling over themselves to introduce better features that will improve user interaction and overall engagement. We expect to see features that will make it easier for brands to communicate more effectively with their target audience.

After all, advertising is one of the biggest sources of income for the social media companies. So we have analyzed some expected changes and improvements that should be revealed this year. Our assumptions have been made based on the previous trends and how they can be enhanced to meet the demands of the users and the brands that rely on the social media to grow their businesses.

Here are some of the changes and improvements we expect this year;

Live videos and streaming on social media

It has already been launched by many of the popular social media platforms. The users are delighted with the live videos, and the statistics have shown an increasing user engagement with live videos and even after the recording is finished. The comment section under these live videos have also become a delightful place for many users; there are fans and critiques, etc. Live videos encourage the growth of online communities; the reactions from users indicate that there is a high preference for live videos on social media.

These live posts made by celebrities’ receive a massive number of views and reactions in the comment sections. It gives the fans a rare opportunity to witness the real lifestyle of their favorite fans. So from the trends and the level of interaction with these live videos, we expect that the social media companies will focus their efforts on improving the quality of the live video features on their social media platforms to attract more users.

Improving messaging apps with advanced features

There are so many marketing opportunities to be harnessed by using messaging apps this year. The reports indicate that the number of online users who prefer to communicate through these messaging apps is growing. Using these apps as a means of communication is fast, efficient, secure and reliable. Now, how can the brands take advantage of this preferred method of communication? Obviously a lot of plans are in progress, and this year, we expect to see a lot of creative and interactive advertising campaigns on the messaging apps.

We will be rediscovering Artificial Intelligence

The online users are still quite busy with the social media and the messaging apps, but we expect to witness more attention given to the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality this year. Though the reports from the previous years have shown only minimal interest from the public, we believe this might be due to the high costs of the devices required to have this experience such as the VR headsets, and other virtual reality gadgets. It is a new year, and it is the time for some critical reviews to be made.

Do the virtual reality companies want more consumers to experience using their products? They have to find ways to make virtual reality more accessible to the public. This means finding more ways this technology can be applied in our daily lives rather than being used to create spectacular presentations and in the educational institutions where virtual reality is being used to enhance student engagement.

Restricting the level of public manipulation through the social media

Apart from having a great time on your favorite social media, I am sure you have also thought about ways to influence other people during the time you spend using those platforms. While many social media platforms have been accused of using their influence to manipulate public opinion in situations such as public elections and sensitive matters concerning the entire public, the reactions from the public has been quite apparent. There have been cases where negative and sometimes threatening posts are published online through various social media platforms targeted at certain public figures. These actions have affected the reputation of the social media companies, and there are already measures in place to reduce these negative activities.

We expect that this year, the level of censorship on the social media will be higher. It will be more difficult for extremists groups to post hate comments online and other forms of manipulation from different governments (foreign and local) will become more difficult. One of the strategies being implemented by the social media companies is restricting the content people can view to only comments and posts made by people they have identified as friends on their social media or accounts which they have willingly followed.

The rise of smart virtual assistants

The virtual assistants are already live on our gadgets such as smartphones, smart speakers, and TVs. These artificial intelligence based programs have changed the way we organize your schedules, make plans for the day and even in the management of content which we view online.

The smart virtual assistants we convenient and easy to use, they are also very reliable. It is expected that the developers of this technology will find more ways to make it easier for the public to use these voice controlled virtual assistants. They will enhance the functionalities in smart homes and while using other smart devices. These voice-activated smart assistants can also be used to quickly access your social media, do relevant searches and find information about anything within a short time. We eagerly anticipate the advancements that will be recorded in this area.

We have found many ways to use the social media. Many people are making a living online just by making cool videos; we expect that the social media companies discover more ways through which we can get value by using their platforms more productively in the New Year.

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