What Is Rank Tracking?

Keyword Ranking

You may have heard of a term “rank tracking” in business. This is applied to websites and content, and is something that you need to track if you have either. Well, you should have a website otherwise you’re missing out on a huge customer base!

In search engine optimisation you need to make sure you have the best keyword phrases. You need to see what your competitors are doing to be able to sit above them in the searches. At the same time, you need to keep an eye on them to make sure you’re always up at the top.

This is the short description of rank tracking. Let’s look into this in more detail to help you use it to your advantage.

Tracking Every Single Keyword and Phrase

Rank tracking is basically the tracking of every single keyword and phrase used. These will be the keywords you currently use, those that your competitors use, and those that your ideal customers are searching for. The keywords and phrases are then ranked in order of best to worst.

Knowing the best keyword phrases—those with the highest search volume—is essential. The ranking tells you whether the keywords are being used to help with search queries. If people don’t use them on a regular basis, what’s the point in adding them to your site? People aren’t going to find you with those keywords.

The keywords can change. Some that were on the top last month will change a month later. It all depends on the latest search terms that individuals use.

Not All About the Number of Searches

Rank tracking isn’t all about keeping an eye onthe number of searches each day, week or month. You want to know the competition for those search terms. This is the number of competitors already using the term to attract people.

You can have terms or phrases that are widely searched for but have very few of your competitors using them. There is a better chance of getting your website in the top spot on Google because you don’t have as many people to get above. You’ll get the customers who are using those terms—of course, you need to offer relevant and interesting content.

Likewise, those highly searched terms could have a lot of competition. This means websites that are already established are using the terms and seeing the search volume. It will be harder (although not necessarily impossible) to get yourself above them in the search results.

It’s also about the variations of the keyword. You want to see the types of phrases that all your customers are going to use. While some will search for photographers in a location, others may search for photo studios in that location. They may look for a specific type of photography. The rank tracking will give you an idea of this and see how much it all changes on a regular basis.

You’ll also need to track across the search engines. The keywords used on one search engine are not going to be the same on others, same with the competition. You’ll want a tracker that will be able to watch across the board to make better choices for your website.



See the Keywords People Use to Get to Your Site

When you use an actual rank tracker on your site, you get to track the exact terms people are using to get to you. These are those keywords and phrases typed into Google and other search results to find your website and click on your link. The terms are recorded, so you get to see how many people are using the terms on a regular basis.

This will give you an idea of whether you’re actually using the right terms. You’ll be able to make tweaks to your content to help boost the number of people coming to you.

This is all important to constantly boost your position in the search results.

Tracking Against Your Competitors

Rank tracking isn’t just about the actual keyword rank but also the website rank. You need to know where you are placed in the search results, especially compared to your competitors. With a good rank tracker, you will be able to compare yourself and your competitors side by side for the exact same keywords and phrases.

This will give you a look at just how much competition you have out there. You’ll be able to see how you get your customers compared to your competitors and where you’re missing out.

When you see these figures, you’ll find it easier to tweak and adjust your content and your website SEO. It will be easier to make sure you push yourself above your competitors online or determine if you should focus on a different set of keyword phrases instead.

Seovisor Rank Tracking

SEO isn’t something that you can do and forget about. The world of SEO is constantly changing. The sites that ranked well in search engines last month may have crashed this month. Some will shut down and others will be blacklisted or lowered by the search engines themselves. Keywords may have fallen out of favour with your customers.

The best way of knowing all this is through rank tracking. You get to keep your eye on the relevancy of keywords and phrases. It’s possible to compare yourself with your competitors and make sure you use the keywords that will do the best for your business.

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