Why Change from HTTP to HTTPS

For lots of websites, changing over to HTTPS has not been a very important goal. But it should be! Changing your webpage from HTTP to HTTPS could help you in many ways. Namely, with security, page ranking, reputation, and more. Here, we will tell you more about why you should consider changing from HTTP to HTTPS. We will also give you a rough timelines to follow about when to do so. This article might just be the shove that you need to make it so. From HTTP to HTTPS

What Google Says

Google seriously loves HTTPS. So much so that they are now counting HTTPS as a signal for page ranking on their search. Although this signal is not yet a very strong one, it may become stronger in the coming months. One of the main reasons why Google loves HTTPS so much is because they know that sites in HTTPS are much more secure than those in HTTP. For some in the SEO world, this will no doubt be hard to accept. Especially for those that rely on online data to make their sites better. But, truly, this move is almost entirely about keeping spam out and locking good results in.

Making Your Site More Secure

Want yet another way to test your site that is Google approved? If so, then head on over to: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ This page tests the SSL of your webpage. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes to complete for any site. Even better, it is totally free. What will this SSL test give you? It will show you what parts of your overall site security are strong and/or weak. It also gives you an overall grade. By running this test just once you can find plenty of security things on your site to make better.

Consumers Know

Want another reason to switch from HTTP to HTTPS? How about for your consumers? Although most consumers will not yet know the difference, a few know that HTTPS is more secure. These users may be more likely to use your site if they notice that you are HTTPS. Even right now, Google clearly tells searchers which sites are HTTPS. You can clearly see an https preceding the website URL in Google search results. Yet again, here, having an HTTPS site can help to improve your rankings if more users click through to it.

Encryption and HTTPS Go Hand-in-Hand

We have already mentioned how HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. But what can this mean for pages who are ranked exactly the same with competing sites? In search results on Google, it means that the page with HTTPS is ranked first. In the future, such pages might be ranked even higher with HTTPS. This could finally be your chance to outrank your competition. Not only that, but any site that elects to remain with HTTP might soon find themselves outranked by HTTPS sites. If you love security and encryption as much as search engines like Google, then you should do it.

Time is Not Everything

Some of our readers might complain that HTTPS just seems to slow down their page loading times. While we cannot deny that this often happens. However, you should also know that Google will not penalize your page for these slightly lower load times. In most cases, too, users will not even notice. Just a few seconds worth of faster load times are not worth it while Google is keeping HTTPS as a ranking signal. Instead, think of other things you can do to your page to make sure customers keep coming back.

We Know What Rules

What rules in this situation? Content still rules. Not time and not even (really) HTTPS. If HTTPS cannot give you the ranking boost that you are wanting, then just try producing better content. Think about creating more varied content. Make sure that all your content is useful to visitors to your site. Integrate content when and where possible. You can do this through linking to other pages. Or you can link to content that you produce elsewhere, like on social media pages, YouTube, or even on a separate blog. Ask guests and customers to give you great ideas for content, too.

When to Switch

Most of you probably have a website development plan. Plan on switching to HTTPS as soon as possible at this point. Most web gurus were saying to switch by mid-2015. As you know, that deadline is more than fast approaching. By that time, we expect HTTPS to become very popular. Not just on Google, but also on other search platforms. You probably have until sometime later this summer, but no later. Get to working on your webpage switchover today. You will be more than glad that you did in the future!

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