Why Fresh Website Content is Critical for Your Website and SEO

Fresh Content

Having fresh content on your website is essential if you want good SEO and a powerful website. This could mean updating old content with new information or creating new blog posts. What you want is something updated that tells the Google and other search engine crawlers to visit your site. You can also put out more content to gain readers.

Here’s a look at just how fresh website content helps your website and SEO efforts.

Your Website Looks Relevant

Even if the content is still relevant, if your site hasn’t been touched for a few years it will come across as dated. This isn’t just in the eyes of the search engines but in the eyes of your audience. How do you know that new research isn’t available or that there are new opinions on a matter?

Your competitors will push out new content regularly. Even if that content says the same as yours, the fact that they have something new makes them look more relevant and up to date. You will be pushed down in the search results, as your competitors rise up.

You Tell Google There Is Something New

Just changing the layout of a blog post and the way the content is written will tell Google that there is something new. The content may say the same, but you’ve made it look more up to date and relevant.

Changes instantly tell Google to crawl your page again. It will look at keyword phrasing and placement. You’ll get a new boost of SEO because you’ll be viewed as more relevant to your competitors, who have had the same page for a few months.

The “something new” could actually be a few changes to your SEO on the site. You may change the way your content reads, so it is more human friendly. This tells Google that you are willing to make changes for the better and that you have your audience at heart. You may find that you rank better because of this decision.

Great Content


More Opportunities for Getting Your Keywords Out There

New content means more chances of adding in your keywords. This is essential for your SEO, even with changes in recent years. Your keywords and phrases are those that your ideal audience is going to type in. While old content is powerful in its own way, you need to keep getting your keyword phrases ranked to get yourself in front of your ideal audiences’ eyes.

Fresh blog content is one of the easiest ways to do that. You’ll be able to strategically think about the types of phrases people are typing in and create multiple pieces of content around them.

You don’t just have to add new blog posts either. You can revisit old content and make changes that will add in the keyword phrases better. This could help to reverse some bad SEO that you’ve done in the past.

New Content

You Become More of an Authority

Being an authority is essential when it comes to owning a website or a blog. To get readers, you need to show that you have the answers or the solutions to their problems and situations.

For Google, the saying “content is king” is still important for becoming an authority. If you want to be that authoritative voice and be at the top of results, you need to show that you are sharing information on a regular basis. That you still know the topic and offer the answers that people seek.

This doesn’t mean get some small pieces of content out there every now and then. You need to create valuable content. It’s better to produce one excellent blog post a week than five mediocre pieces in that same time frame. The one long, highly authoritative piece is more likely to be shared by the masses and show Google that you are a site worth following and ranking.

It’s Easier to Create a Loyal Readership Base

More content on the same subject will make it easier to create a loyal following. This is linked to the ability to become more of an authority within your niche. You only need to know 1% more than your readers to be considered an authority. Just give answers to questions and solutions to problems and people will want to know everything else you know.

If you stop posting, people will stop visiting. They’ll think you’ve given up or that you’re not longer the authoritative voice that you once were. When they stop visiting, that tells Google that your site isn’t worthwhile anymore.

By creating fresh content regularly, you show your audience that you are still that voice worth following. You make it clear that you know the updates on the subject and have new solutions. You’ll also find it easier to reach out to newer audiences looking for solutions, meaning you continue to build that loyal following.

It’s all about fresh content for SEO. Google wants to see that you are relevant and up to date. It’s not going to push out old content when it could be wrong or no longer useful. Too many people have complained about the search results – and the websites that come up. Your old content will still be strong, but you need to add something fresh to tell Google that your website is still alive. At the same time, you’ll let your audience know you’re still here.

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