Why The Internet Needs To Be Rid Of Sliders… Forever!

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There’s no reason for you to read yet another article about deplorable website sliders. It’s a topic that’s been beaten to death. Various studies have shown that website sliders are terrible, with just a one percent CTR (Click-Through Rate).

Now, to get a better understanding of why website sliders are bad, it’s important for you to understand that they are the ones that appear at the top of website home pages. Sliders for galleries or e-commerce are helpful, but the ones that you see at the top of a homepage are the ones that are quite deplorable.

Website sliders can be more of an annoyance than helpful. And, many people are not fans of them in the least. In fact, some website visitors have become confused by them – some angry and many thinking that there was a security flaw in the website. Sliders tend to use a plethora of CSS and JavaScript as well as high-quality images.

Should You Use It?

Consider the inability of sliders to function correctly on mobile sites. Yes, there are some alternatives that can be used. However, a respectable site will get rid of the slider if it doesn’t offer a certain amount of pixels. It’s why most don’t pass the mobile test.

How do you know if website developers and designers have decided it’s best to do away with sliders? Here’s a little bit of research into the matter.

Are New Websites Employing The Tactic?

Hacker News is one of the most professional websites on the Internet. It offers a show section that enables people to talk about their ideas or showcase their website, apps or startup. It’s well-known that the newest websites use the latest development technologies. If new websites are not using sliders, what’s taken its place?

Welcome The Hero Image

What’s a hero image? It’s a huge, beautiful header image that’s located at the top of the website. A lot of times the hero image are pictures, but they may also be illustrations, artwork or video. Why do pictures work so well? It’s because they’re relatable. If you choose your pictures carefully, it can tell a story about the company and the people in it.

Hero Image

Well-known, bigger companies have begun using hero images and gotten rid of sliders entirely. For instance, Yoast said no themes of theirs would have sliders. A majority of websites are adapting to the hero style design. An example of this type of design is Dropbox.

Basecamp has a unique style – the most significant part of the homepage is its “above the fold section” and its clear call-to-actions. After all, nobody can overlook the action when it’s moving every 3,500 milliseconds. There are two clear call-to-actions on that page.

In 2015, many websites implemented video background to their design. And, no big surprise as to why. The majority of web browsers are using a broadband connection and 4G mobile and Wi-Fi service. Thus, webmasters have been able to show videos in their website’s background.

What To Remember About Web Design and Trends

When it comes to your website, the best thing to do is not use the slider and other trends that don’t support it. If your client likes the idea of sliders, consider presenting them with evidence as to why it’s okay to forgot it. After all, you want your clients to come across as professional. You’re a professional, which sometimes means you need to steer the client away from something that doesn’t really do them any good.

Granted, there are a plethora of website that still has sliders installed. However, with a bit of effort and time, the Internet could soon be rid of the technology.

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