Why You Need SEO

SEO Importance

Search engine optimization is something that you need for your website. If you’re not following the tips that experts have recommending, you will find it hard to rank well on search engines. If you don’t rank well, you’ll find it hard to get a following or viewers.

Here’s a look at why SEO is so important for your site.

It Really Does Improve Visibility

There is the view that SEO is dead. After all, Google changes its algorithm all the time for ranking in the search results. However, SEO hasn’t died; it’s just adapted.

Web users were fed up of poor quality content and keyword stuffing. Google made a change that only high quality content would rank, but it’s still a robotic system in nature. It still needs to find keyword phrases in content to determine if a website is relevant to a searcher’s terms.

If you want to be visible to people, you need to get into those search results. The best way is using the right keyword phrases that suit a searcher’s terms. This higher you are in the rank, the more chance you have of people clicking your website link.

It will take time to gain that visibility. If you’re new to the online world, you can’t expect your website to start outranking competition right away. Google will pay respect to high quality sites that have proven over time to deliver relevant content. What you need to do is prove you’re better than the competition.

It’s the Most Cost Effective Marketing

While it takes time to learn SEO, it doesn’t take as long to implement it. There are also elements that you won’t have to change at all, especially as long as you’ve used white hat techniques. Good SEO will only help to improve your site when Google makes more algorithm changes.

SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing techniques. You don’t have to spend any money to do it, if you don’t want. It is possible to hire a company like SEOVISOR to help, but this isn’t a necessity. You can do it as soon as your website is up and running (and even before).

When done right the results are excellent. Not only do you put zero to little money into it, but you gain a huge financial return on investment (time is your investment).

You Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Performing well in search engines will help get you noticed by the right people. Those looking for information within your industry will find out about your brand. Brand awareness is more than just SEO, but is certainly part of it and something you want to consider.

As people learn more about a particular brand, they start to trust it. They will notice you from a distance the minute they see you on someone else’s website or on social media. They’re more likely to trust what you say and follow the links you provide.

Good SEO will help to increase your customer base without trying. People who notice your brand will share your content to their friends. They recommend you, helping to get you in front of more eyes organically.

This also helps with your search engine placement. As people share your content, Google sees that you’re trustworthy and share-worthy. You get a boost in ranking.

SEO Works with Social Media Too

People will use keyword phrases on social media and not just search engines. Think about how you find particular content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When you use particular phrases, the searches on those sites will look through content that has it. This isn’t just in descriptions, but in titles, hashtags, tags, and more.

The search engines will also check out the keyword phrasing on your social media posts. Your Facebook posts can rank and YouTube videos are particularly beneficial. It’s a win-win.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Sure there is that old saying “if they jumped off a cliff would you follow them,” but in the case of SEO you want to say “yes.” Sometimes you want to do what your competitors are doing. After all, they’re doing something that is helping their business.

If you don’t use SEO, you’re leaving yourself behind. Google won’t notice you over the noise that your competitors are making. The search engines completely forget that you’re there, pushing you further and further down the rankings. People who come into the business after you will rank better because they’re using SEO.

So, even if you don’t want any of the above reasons, you want to do SEO because of your competition.

Think you can’t outrank your older competitors? Well, that’s not quite true. You may find that your website offers more than your competitors can. You can do SEO better than them and use the right keyword phrases to get you notice. Your age isn’t the only thing ranking you in Google searches. It all goes together, but you can’t manage that without doing some SEO in the first place.

It’s time to get involved in SEO. Your business and your website need it. You will increase your visibility and will also boost your social media presence. It’s all about creating brand awareness and being competitive in your industry if you want to stand out. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have time. There are companies like SEOVISOR able to help with your SEO needs.

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