Your Website Cannot Get A First Page Rank Without The Help Of Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

Having a website is not enough. You need the website to have a good enough rank so it can get a prominent display on search engine results. Effectively, you want traffic which you would hope to convert to leads or sales.

All attempts a company indulges in online have only one purpose. It is either sales or leads. It could be exposure or growth. The bottom line is that a company must acquire new clients, grow or expand into new territories and for some businesses it is a battle for survival. Google Search Tool A company is likely to have a multipronged approach to online marketing. Search engine optimization, article marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, social networking, using social media, cross-party marketing and the simple banner and sponsored ads as well as other forms of direct marketing; all these are the various weapons that a company uses to fight the war.

But you cannot win that war if you don’t have Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools). If you don’t know what it is or are not using it yet, you must set up a Google Search Console account, now. Let us understand what Google Webmaster Tools do and why you need to use them.

  • First, Google Webmaster Tools is not just a weapon for companies but it is also a way for the search engine giant to communicate with webmasters. Sure, there are many features and services which you would find extremely useful and you must explore them. But Google too needs a way to interact with the webmasters. This is how the company does it. The moment you are registered as a webmaster, you will get all relevant information, data and particulars of using Google and all its services. You may be aware of the various updates Google has launched in the last two to three years. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird changed how we approached search engine optimization. There are many such major and several smaller changes that Google institutes from time to time. How would you get to know about these changes? Sure, you can follow some whitepaper or some media reports. But you can get to hear from the horse’s mouth through Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Second, you wouldn’t know for sure if you are in adherence to all Google Guidelines. The search engine giant periodically reviews its guidelines which are strictly for webmasters to get desirable ranks for their websites. You need some guide to know if you are on the right track or if you are committing grave errors and have risked getting your website blacklisted. Google Webmaster Tools will help you to know if your website is in accordance to the best standards of practice. Even if your website is infected with malware, you would get to know. This may not have anything to do with Google but your site can harm your prospective customers, which is not desirable. Also, harmful websites are signaled as such on search engine results by antivirus programs. Imagine how many people would be averse to clicking on your website link if it is flagged as harmful or malware infected? You may not even know this but Google Webmaster Tools will tell you.
  • Google Webmaster Tools offer you a plethora of ways to reach out to your target audience. First, you can index your website. Without getting your website indexed properly, you are not getting a desirable rank. You would certainly not get anywhere close to that coveted first page. You can insert all the details pertaining to your website, from the name to your location, from the geographical areas you are targeting to the keywords that are relevant to your company. You also get to determine the structure, layout and links, search queries, Meta descriptions, information about webmasters or the company and associates, various settings of the website and you get to use the free analytics service of Google. The world of Google Webmaster Tools is ever expanding and it will provide you with all the information or data and analytics you need to host a website that accomplishes its objectives.

In summation, Google Webmaster Tools help you to host a website properly. It will tell you the right things to do and will highlight what you are doing wrong. The tools will help you with everything, from search engine optimization to online ads, affiliate marketing to indexing.

The dashboard you would have after you set up a Google Webmaster Tools account will tell you in real time how your website is faring. With all the data at your disposal, you can make necessary changes, upgrade your website, stay relevant and you can even decide to change your overall online presence if it is not winning the battles, let aside winning the war.

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